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    See through walls

    I am running CS or whatever, I hate STEAM and this is a clean install of SC 3.0. I have no previous history with this mod so I have no point of reference other than clean install.

    I can see through walls! I have tried the single player and the African (whatever) map an a couple others.

    At first I thougt, "Cool, Bring em on!" then I tried to shoot through a window while someone was hammering me and I couldnt tell where the window border was.

    Needless to say I got slaughtered while littering translucent curtains and wall with bullet holes.

    Is this a covered bug? I tried searching the forums but the searching is disabled.

    Additionally I tried another map (cant remember the name but I will try to find it) and I spawned in a room with some weapons and locked doors. A big blast door and a smaller security looking door. I quit after a few minutes, maybe someone was supposed to save me? I dunno but it was awfully annoying!

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    Current known bug with HL and Nvidia. Run in OpenGL instead of D3D.
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    Thanks for the reply

    That did it! I always played GL on CS but for some reason chose Direct this time around.

    Thanks again. I hope the forum search goes back up soon.

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