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    5.18 Studiomdl.exe update

    Sven Studiomdl.exe located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sven Co-op SDK\modelling

    • Bones with attachments are always preserved.
    • Brand new help screen.
    • New command line argument "-k": keep all unused bones.
    • New QC command "$keepallbones": keep all unused bones.
    • New QC command "$keepbone ": keep specified bone even if unused.
    • New QC command "$protected ": same as "$keepbone" (Added for compatibility with DoomMusic's StudioMDL).
    • Removed UV clamping. (This allows for tiling textures)
    • Resolution of chrome textures is no longer locked to 64 x 64 px. (Reminder that higher than 64X64 is a Sven-Only feature and will not work in other mods)
    • Tweaked few error messages; added new warning messages.

    Verify integrity of files in the SDK Tools tab If you didn't get the updated download

    For those who are new to Sven Studiomdl.exe existing features include:
    -UV's dont shift on compile compared to older studiomdl versions
    -allows for UV mirroring/outside 1st UV space
    -support for additional $texrendermodes: masked, additive, flatshade, fullbright, chrome
    -support for 1024X BMP dimensions
    -128 bodygroups

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