Thread: see through ents original hl error

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    see through ents original hl error

    i think that this problem occurs in every old hl game.
    i am using a 9600 pro ATI and windows XP

    1. set game resolution to 600 X 400
    2. join a game using old hl thing (not steam)
    3. pres esc then u will be at menu, alt tab out
    4. the hl will be inaccesable, by clicking the button, press ctrl,alt,del, and switch back to hl
    5. resume game
    6. the ents (fun_wall func_button func_anything (including aliens and people enemies ect) anything thats a ent)) will have large lines pulsing through them which u can see through so its makes it almost transparent

    this also happens with the specailists mod

    try it its interesting

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    Why did you post this in the bug reports forum? It's not a bug report.


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