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    Read This Before Posting: Rules and Vital Information

    This is a new section of the forum dedicated to requests for models.

    1. Absolutely NO personal player model requests. You may request player models that will be used as forced player models in a map.
    2. Please keep your topic clear and use one of the following tags to show what kind of model you are requesting.


    3. Only make your request once. If your request is ignored then do not re-post it. Assume that your idea was rejected and look somewhere else for your model.
    4. Before you post your request, search the Model Showcase, the HIT Forums, and this forum section to make sure your request hasn't already been posted or a model made.
    5. Please do not post requests for conversions. Some nice person has put up a model conversion guide. Its very easy and the guide goes into a lot of depth.


    Do not post model requests unless you are absolutely going to use them for something. In other words, don't request models just because you think it would be 'cool' to have them. Well known mappers would have a better chance with requests here. Most of the time you would be better off contacting a modeler instead of posting a thread here in the first place.

    Just put it this way: No one will really care about your request unless you're doing something that will be in the best interest of a modeler to assist you.
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