First of all, before you ask, YES I did set the install to my Half Life directory--there is a folder called 'SVENCOOP" in that folder.

I can't join any games, WON auth works, connection is accepted then it says it can't find such-and-such map (isn't anyone running the included maps?!?) and I get an error

"your dll (cl_dlls\client.dll) differs from the server's"

I checked this path. I have this file, it is 720 KB, created Dec 22 2003.

I just downloaded the 3.0 client today, and I have tried connecting to servers that say 3.0 somewhere in their title.

Also, Sven Coop also is NOT listed in my Custom Game menu when I launch HL.

I don't have Steam, and frankly, if I have to install Steam to try SC, I'll just as soon pass.

Can anyone help me?