While we welcome your models, there are a few simple rules to be followed.

The Law

  • Please, no player models here. Instead, post them in Player Model Showcase
  • You can attach your files to the forum, but models must be in a Zip, Ace or Rar archive format and be at most 1MB.
  • Please make sure that you've put lots of time, effort and love into your model before you even think about posting it. Uploading a model that turns out to be a very simple skin change will result in your thread (and any attached files) being deleted by a moderator.
  • Please give proper credit to a model author if you use someones model as a base. Same if you post any models from other mods. Plagurism will be discovered and will result in an instant ban.
  • This forum does not welcome models converted from Retail games (such as Unreal Tournament, Halo, etc.) to a Half-Life format, as this is a copyright violation.

Posting your Model

It helps if you include a picture of your model (in gif or jpeg format), which can be attached to the forum.

When posting your thread, keep the topic clear and in the following format to make it easy for someone to find what they are looking for. It is also important that you include a bracket-type at the start of the description to let people know what monster/item/weapon is replaced by the model.

[Item/Monster/Weapon replaced] Description

For example:

[Headcrab] Alien Facehugger
[Massn] Desert Camoflage
[Sniper] Counter-Strike Scout


There are some exceptions to the bracket type naming system which are listed here.

Human Grunt - [Hgrunt]
Male Assassin - [Massn]
Ichthyosaur - [Icky]
Robo Grunt - [Rgrunt]
More than one model included - [Pack]

When you are about to post your thread, make sure that you have correctly attached the file, as you will not be able to re-attach it to your post through the edit system.

If you are happy with the above, feel free to post your model onto the Model Showcase forum.

Thank You

Sven Co-op Forum & Showcase Team