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    Note to all users: Important

    Hey Everyone,

    I've just spent a few hours sorting out the Model Showcase to make it more user-friendly and easier to Navigate.

    Easier to search

    For starters, I spent some time creating this thread:

    This lets you find specific monsters/weapons/items at the click of a button. Very useful in my opinion.

    This will only work well if model posters follow the rules in this thread:

    Please use the same [bracket type] in thread titles, this is very important, as it will make searching the model showcase a lot easier for everyone.

    The moderators will strive to rename threads to keep the same bracket type format, but its far easier if you just do it.

    Model ratings

    It'd be nice if people started rating files using the 5-star rating system. You don't need to post a reply to do this, and it would make it easier for people to find/avoid the good/bad models.

    To vote for a model, you'll need to enter a thread and then click the "Rate this file" box (down at the bottom-right of the thread view). It only takes a few seconds and is very much appreciated by the team.

    Dead links/No download posted

    In the event of you trying to download a file listed on the forum and its been removed, the link is dead or the user failed to post a file, it would be really helpful if you could post the details of the missing model in this thread:

    Doing this means that it can be brought straight to the attention of the moderators and the link fixed or the thread removed. This is of benefit to everyone who browses this forum.

    Thats all Folks


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    Re: Note to all users: Important

    Downloading Tips

    If you cannot download a file, (or it links you to some random code in HTML):


    Change the file extension to .rar, and save wherever you want.

    Even More Downloading Help

    Winzip can be found at:

    Winrar can be found at:

    Happy downloading.
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