Thread: How to Install The Most Popular Mods: Once and for all!

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    How to Install The Most Popular Mods: Once and for all!


    Theres been alot of posts and threads containing a vast assortment of problems on installing Ent Mod and the like. So I'm gonna install a fresh copy of Sven Co-op and install it myself from scratch, and document it all here for you guys in a more detailed readme. I will be explaining alot, and am assuming you already have installed Admin Mod. Theres a beautifully written guide to install it HERE: done by djmrmagic of Mr Magic's Sven Co-op.


    Step 1

    I am assuming you are running a Dedicated Sven Co-op server and have the latest version of Admin Mod installed and running fine. Ok, that gets alot of problems out of the way.

    Now: Download Ent Mod Version 3 from it's official homepage . Yes you want the Windows Version.

    Heres a direct download link:

    Step 2

    Ok, so the zip file is just zippingly minding his own business on your desktop. Lets cut him open with Winzip and look at the contents. You should see 3 files:

    2 Folders:

    1 File:
    Ent Mod Help.html

    Heres an easy step: copy that sound folder into your dedicated server's root directory (/Svencoop)where you installed all of your Admin Mod files. It will automatically put the file inv3.wav into your server's Svencoop/sound/items/ folder.

    Why Do This?The EntMover weapon uses this .wav file as you fire. Its like a humming noise, and I believe it comes with Half Life by default. They package it in there anyway for mods such as Counter Strike and The Specialists, who don't include it. Not having it will crash you.

    Step 3

    Now here comes a fun part.

    Take that "addons" folder that comes with Entmod, and stick it in your root server directory (/Svencoop). If you installed the latest version of Admin Mod, there should already be an addons folder.

    Step 4

    How does your server know that you installed Ent Mod? Well, it doesn't, so we are going to tell it.

    Metamod (which is an extension of Admin Mod) has a file called "plugins.ini", which tells the game which mods you want loaded when the server starts up. By default, you only have one installed by default: Admin Mod.

    Heres the order of operations for a STANDARD server
    - You Double Click your server

    - The server loads all of the entities in the game's programming. The weapons, monsters, all that.

    - The server loads the map and sets the maxplayers, ports, and whatever else you set into it.

    - Server is ready to join

    Heres the order of operations for an ADMIN MOD server
    - You Double Click your server

    - Instead of loading all of the entities from the default file, the installation of Admin Mod tells it to load them from the file Metamod.dll instead. This is why you need the Hacked Sven Co-op Dll File inorder to use Admin Mod, and why older version of Metamod do not work. Inside that metamod.dll are the same exact entities, but with a small change: after it finishes loading everything it checks it's plugins.ini for any other "metamod clones", which, in this case, is Admin Mod.

    - Admin Mod loads up and activates it's commands (Slap, kick, ban, glow, etc). The server now recognizes them as the game's default programming.

    - Metamod then checks for any other mods you installed along with Admin Mod. When we are done here, it will not only load up Admin Mod, but EntMod aswell.

    - The server loads the map and sets the maxplayers, ports, and whatever else you set into it.

    - Server is ready to join

    Step 5

    So now that you know how this is gonna work, lets get moving shall we?

    Go into your Svencoop/addons/metamod folder. Here you should see your plugins.ini. Open that up with Notepad.

    Inside you should see a line that looks like this:
    Win32 addons/adminmod/dlls/admin_MM.dll

    This line basically tells Metamod to load the Windows Version of Admin Mod from addons/adminmod/dlls/admin_MM.dll

    We will add in the EntMod Line

    Add this in below Admin Mod's line, and it must always come AFTER Admin Mod's line, or you will crash:

    Win32 addons/entmod/dlls/EntMod_MM.dll

    So now your plugins.ini should look like this:

    Win32 addons/adminmod/dlls/admin_MM.dll
    Win32 addons/entmod/dlls/EntMod_MM.dll

    Beautiful! Now start up your server and make sure everything doesn't crash. If everything loads up right, then Congrats! Lets move on to the next step:

    Step 6

    Adding EntMod admins can be a frustrating ordeal, but it is very easy to do once you add your first couple in.

    Go into your Svencoop/addons/Entmod folder and find the file DF_admins.txt


    Thats kinda confoosing...and it makes me wonder why this guy didn't make a better example of adding in an admin for the new clients.

    So delete that, as thats indistinguishable rubbish, and put this line in. This is an example from mine, and is ALOT easier to work off of.


    Now lets disect this clown and explain what each part means.

    STEAM_0:1:54775 This tells Entmod what SteamID to give this to. If your friend's SteamID is STEAM_0:1:123456 and you want to add him to Ent Mod, thats what your gonna put in there. Remember to use their FULL Steam ID.

    STEAM_0:1:123456 <------- Correct
    123456 <------- Not Correct

    cutebunny This tells Entmod what password to give to this user. In this case, my password is "cutebunny". You can give a different password to all of your users, or use the same one.

    1 Don't mess with this. This just tells Entmod to give this user access.


    Step 7

    Now you can start up your newly renovated EntMod server and try her out! Join the server and type this in the console:

    setinfo "_entpass" "adminpassword"

    Where adminpassword is the password you set for yourself. In my case it would be:

    setinfo "_entpass" "cutebunny"

    This just simply logs you into Entmod as an admin.

    Now, in the console, type weapon_entmover, and your Entmover should draw from your ass and be ready to move even the largest Otis!

    I hope this comes out helpful.

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    Re: How to Install The Most Popular Mods: Once and for all!

    Nice one! Closing this so it stays nice and clean! Keeping the sticky!
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