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    Exclamation Best of Map Showcase Archive Information

    Many of the best svencoop maps have been put into different map packs (found here), or included in newer versions of svencoop.
    To avoid confusion by people downloading outdated versions, older than the maps included in the map packs, the old threads have been archived and the links removed. You may post in the Best of Map Showcase Archive, however, new threads are not allowed by regular users.

    I had to edit each individual thread to remove links and link to the map pack they belong to. This took a lot of time, there may be some mistakes somewhere. If you spot a major error or a map pack map thread not archived, PM a moderator the link.
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    Re: Best of Map Showcase Archive Information

    All maps which have been included in Sven Co-op 4.0 have been moved to the archive and their download mirrors have been stripped.

    Also note that this subforum is now open, meaning that users may post comments in the threads listed here. However, we must ask that no new threads are created by anyone (aside from moderators). After all, this is an archive. Any new threads which do not belong here will be promptly deleted.

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    Re: Best of Map Showcase Archive Information

    Moved all maps included in 4.5 and the contest mappack.

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