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    The Common Problems FAQ (READ FIRST BEFORE ASKING)

    I have thoroughly read threw all of the major server administration boards (,, etc) and have organized the most common problems into a simple thread in the heart of the Server Hole.

    If you are using Internet Explorer and are having trouble locating a solution, go to Edit > Find (on this page and type in a unique error message that you have received. This will locate the word on this thread and possibly give you more insight on the problem.

    Many of the answers to the Sven Co-op related problems are personal problems I've had myself. I've run servers for 5 mods and 3 different retail games and, as always, have run into problems.

    So here we go into the FAQ

    Whenever I make a server for my friends to join, they can't ever find my server on their server list! As a matter of fact I don't think anyone can join!

    ANSWER 1:
    There can be many variables involved in this kind of situation. One of them might be the possibility of a router, or perhaps you created a lan server by accident.

    Try one or more of the follow

    1: Open up your console and type the command sv_lan 0. This will turn the server from a LAN to an INTERNET server, and may possibly give your friend the ability to find your server.

    2: Go to the following site: . Copy this IP address and give it to your friend, but wait! Your friend needs your port number, which can be anything you specified. If you have used the ingame Create a Server button and have no idea what a port is, it is most likely 27015. If you created a dedicated server you most likely know what the port is. So your friend would need to type YOUR.OWN.IP:27015. Do not forget the :

    Now tell your friend to open their console and type connect YOUR.OWN.IP:27015 and that will physically connect you directly to their server. If you are still unable to get your friend connected threw this method it may most likely be your router, which you may find a solution for elsewhere in this post.

    3: Have your friend check his/her filters. It can be easily overlooked and forgot about.

    I believe that my server is being run behind my router, or I am currently on a connection involving a router, and no one can join!

    ANSWER 2:
    Ah yes, the dreaded router problem. There has been much controversy on what ports you need opened and closed and whatever, and I have an image on how to do this.

    Now, I have only ever used a LinkSys router, and have no experience with any others. If you are unsure of what kind of router you are behind, check the box for a brand name. I am thoroughly going to explain to you how to open up the ports required for your Half Life server to send and receive information.

    1: Go to your address bar in Internet Explorer and type . This is your LinkSys router's configuration settings, and are even saved on the hardware threw a system crash! You will only need to do this ONCE!

    2: It will ask you for a username and password. Leave the username blank and for the password type admin.

    3: Whole lotta numbas will appear, and many will not make sense, so lets go to what we really need to edit: You will see some gray tabs on the top of that page, and all the way to the right you will click on Advanced. From there click on the tab Forwarding.

    4: This is what your gonna change your Forwarding screen to look like. Remember to keep everything clicked that I have clicked on yours. Notice the .100 that I have at the end of all my IP Addresses. If you type status ingame in your server (or threw the hlds box if your running a dedicated server) you can find out that that is by finding your IP Address. Change it accordingly to whatever yours is, and it will usually change from time to time.

    5: Now hit apply and test out your server. If your running a dedicated server it will still tell you your router's IP Address even if it is working, so you will have to check it for yourself.


    It tells me my dedicated server must be updated and is out of date. How would I go about doing this?

    ANSWER 3:
    Valve has provided an HLDS Update Tool with every HLDS installation used to update the servers. Unfortunally, this program requires DOS knowledge, has a very low success rate, gives false information, and will not always update your HLDS even if it says it is successful.

    I found this program a long time ago, and it basically simplifies the update by giving your a Windows GUI to update with. You just simply type in your username/password and location of the HLDS and it will update it automatically. Its all I have ever used.

    You can get it here:

    If you are updating a Sven Co-op Dedicated Server, it will not give an option to update the mod. You will want to select "valve" as the mod when you update, because this is the closest you can get to Sven Co-op.

    In the future when Sven Co-op becomes an official mod there may be an option for it.


    I am fairly sure that my computer can handle a small Sven Co-op server, but when even 2 people join the server, everyone lags, and I mean pings in the 3000's!!!

    ANSWER 4:
    Your dedicated server has been set at low priority, which is exactly as the name implies, your server is second priority to the power of your computer. There just isn't alot of interest in the server for your computer.

    To fix this, start up the server and hit CTRL ALT DEL. Hit the Processes tab, find hlds.exe, right click it, and select Set Priority. Your gonna wanna set it to High. Setting it to Realtime will give the server the best performance, but at an extreme loss in computer stability and usage.

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    I want to start my own dedicated server, but I won't be able to join it to play with my friends!

    ANSWER 5:

    Its always been a rumor that if you make a dedicated server, you won't be able to join it, but that is false.

    The only thing you need to change is the port. This can be accomplished by adding a line in the shortcut to your HLDS

    +port 27020

    You can change the port to anything you want really, but common ones are 27010, 27014, and 27020. It doesn't matter what you change it to.

    You can also add the line port 27020 in your server.cfg.

    I get the error message Bad Parse in Client Command

    ANSWER 6:
    The following message was taken from the Message Board

    If you get any of these errors when connecting to Servers:

    Bad Parse in Client Command
    Bad Command Character in Client Mod
    Bad Command Character in Client Command
    Host_Error: CL_ParseServerMessage: Illegible server message - svc_bad
    Host_Error: CL_Parse_Version: Server is protocol -######### instead of 47
    Host_Error: DispatchUserMsg: User Msg CZCareer/130 sent too much data (195 bytes), 192 bytes max
    svc_bad Wrote erroneous message to buffer.dat Host_Error: UserMsg: Not Present on Client ###
    Memory Could Not Be Read Error (one cause of this)
    Host error: Cl_Entitynum: #### is an invalid number, Cl_max edicts is ####
    Host error: Bad server message
    Host_Error: CL_ParseServerMessage: Illegible server message - svc_bad
    and the most typical symptom is:
    Whenever I connect to a (Counter-Strike) server, I get booted after 30 seconds

    The #1 cause is the firmware in your router

    If the server you are attached to has a router problem, you may also see this error, but in this case it isn't you it's the server. If most servers give you this error, then it's your router. If only ONE server gives you this error, it is likely a problem with that one server. If you have a stand-alone router (that is, one not built into your modem), completely bypass your router and plug directly into your modem and see if you have the disconnect problem then.

    Linksys BEFSR11, 41 and 81 routers seem to be causing this a great deal with the latest firmware version available from their website. If you have the BEFSR11 or 41 router, you need to run the 1.45.7 firmware to solve this problem. The current firmware version that Linksys has on their website: (1.45.11) and some older versions (before 1.45.7) of the firmware can cause these same problems. You can download the known good Linksys 1.45.7 firmware for both the BEFSR11 and BEFSR41 V2 routers at:

    ActionTec DSL Modems, which have no firmware update available, also have this problem and the modem itself needs to be replaced. Please check this thread about Actiontec problems:

    Measures required:

    1) Disable QoS and uPnP. You need to go into the router and disable UPnP and QoS if it's there, and you should only have TCP/IP checked in the network properties for your Internet connection.
    2) Disable Wireless Zero Service (included in Windows XP). You can access these settings in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.

    Actiontec DSL Modems
    Internal PCI Home DSL Modem (Model # PCI0839-01 )
    External USB Home DSL Modem (Model # UD800TP)
    USB/Ethernet Home DSL Modem (Model # ED800T)
    USB/Ethernet Home DSL Modem (With Routing Capabilities) (Model # R4500U)

    Actiontec ADSL Gateways
    Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway (Model # R1520SU)
    Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway (Model # R1524SU)
    Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway (Model # R1520SU)

    Actiontec Broadband Routers: Cable/DSL Routers
    54 Mbps Wireless Cable/DSL Router (Model # GT704-WR)
    Wireless Cable/DSL Router (Model # R3010SUW)
    Wireless Cable/DSL Router (Model # R3010UW)
    Wireless-Ready Cable/DSL Router (Model # R1020S(U))
    Wireless-Ready Cable/DSL Router (Model # R1020S)
    Dual Mode Wireless-Ready Cable/DSL Router (Model # R3020QU)

    Creative Labs BroadXent 8120 modem ( 17 November 2003)

    (Has a table limit where you won't be able to refresh the entire list of servers in the server browser. At ~ 8000 servers the router will go OFFLINE and reboot. Reducing your Steam connection rate might help this problem.)

    Linksys BEFSR11 and BEFSR41 V2
    BAD: Most Firmware Versions before 1.45.7
    BAD: Current Firmware 1.45.11, Jun 03 2004 is KNOWN BAD
    BAD: Latest Update also: 1.46.00

    Linksys BEFSR81 ver.3
    BAD: 2.50.2 May 19,2004
    BAD: 2.50.5
    BAD: 2.54.5

    May be Good: 2.43 or 2.45

    More information here:


    neX'd How to: Solution for server problems.

    Finally I found a solution for my serverproblems,and I want you other ppl out there how you could fix yours too. I did 2 things to get it working... Called them "Chapters" here. xD

    *Update* Added pic of my registry...

    My server didn't show up in the server-list of Steam.
    But I've already opened all ports like This. (click here to see the working ports-configuration)

    I'm using Win2k and think that Win2k's default configuration causes problems if you're using a router(like me).

    What I did to fix it:

    Open "Start" -> "Run" -> Type: "regedit"

    Then: Browse to:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Services -> Tcpip -> Parameters
    Picture of my Registry-Config(click here)

    Look at the right window now and search "IPEnableRouter" -> Double-Click it.
    A new,small window should open...
    With a "0" in the text-field. (or something other like 2,3...)
    Delete the 0 and type a 1... But make sure "Hex..." is selected.

    Then close the Registry-Editor and you are done...

    Open Steam... look for "Dedicated Server" under "Play Games"-List...

    a. If it's already installed -> Delete it and reinstall it.

    b. If it's not -> Install it and run it. (to let it update)

    If you're finished with that get the svencoop3.0-executable and open it.
    Install Sven Co-op to your (example):

    "C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\username\dedicated server"-Folder
    and DON'T TOUCH ANY CFG's or any other options/files of it. :>

    Just run dedicated server trought Steam "Play games"-list again,select game "Sven Co-op",
    select a level you want,set max. players and rcon-password AND don't select SECURE,so your server is unsecure.... Sven Co-op doesn't support VAC,so it's just crap now.

    One last step,which could help:

    In your server's console type:
    sv_region 0
    sv_maxrate 9000
    heartbeat (<-- you won't be able to see if it works,but it does,if you type it correctly)
    changelevel xxx (<-- example: crisis2,toonrun1...)

    And wait up to 30 mins... people should join now.

    I hope this "HOW TO" really helped you,if not... start spamming mad comments. :P

    -Greetz,your neX'd
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