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    SC_OPD - Osprey Down 1.0 released

    This is the Release of Osprey Down, it a medium size map for 2 - 8 players. The map is set in a desert city occupied by enemy grunts. Your goal is to locate and defend the crashsite use any means necessary. keep your eyes open to find more weapons and ammo. I would like to get some more mirrors so if u like to host my map, please do so. If you know any places to host it, please tell me. Thats about it, for all questions and coments, please post them or contact me

    Well, i hope you'll have fun playing this map and i wish you luck finding the Easter egg

    Read it here


    The Drop zone (spawn site)
    The Drop zone
    Drop zone
    Small street in the city
    Enemy Grunt guarding the Drop zone
    Enemy grunts patrolling the city
    bombed building

    Mirrors 11 MB
    Mirror 1 - DeDs
    Mirror 1 - thanks to goanne

    If you want to use something for your own map,
    feel free to do so but give credit where necessary
    and tell me cause it like to see it.
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