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    sc_Phantasmish (Beta)

    Started this map about a year ago and eventually forgot about it to work on map5. Since map5 only needs SC3.5 and I have no other SC1 projects, I went back to finish this one up.

    At the time I had played a Duke Nukem 3D usermap called Phantasm and was blown away by the tricks used in the map that seemed physically impossible. I decided to create a map that used that feeling. Also at the time I was playing through Metroid Prime, and I wanted gameplay similar to it. So I opted to have most of the world available initially with more areas available once an item was retrieved.

    Slower computers may have trouble running this map due to high r_speeds. Although I didn't get much framerate complains from testers, I imagine there might be some computers that will struggle with the map. There are also a few jumping puzzles which I'm sure I'll get a lot of complaints about, but I don't really care, they're staying in.

    Copy and Paste to download, or go here if the link gives any errors.

    Edit: included in the .rar the .wad file needed, I thought I had wadincluded it, but I guess it wasn't.
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