Had this idea while mucking around with the archives.

Lots of people have a favourite band that haven't had much exposure or forever dwell in the musical underground like some form of entertaining badger. Here's a chance for you to tell the forum about the band that rocks yours (and a small minorities) world.

Just make a small profile post listing the name of your band, any trivia, their status (unsigned, signed, touring, split up), their genre (roughly, just makes it easier for people to find stuff that matches their taste) and their best recording or song (in your opinion). Might take a bit of time, but it may be worth it, and you may help someone find a new favourite band.

Now remember this is for non-mainstream/unfamous groups. Preferably, unsigned copies of the bands latest album should be rarer than the signed copies. Anyone putting in "Nirvana", "U2" or god forbid "The Spice Girls", will be MADWHACKED off the nearest cliff.