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    uh, what?

    [Crowbar] Pompeii Gladius

    I made a Pompeii Gladius, its the one that was made by Albion Armourers, if you guys like it enough, maybe I'll make a Fulham, Mainz and maybe a Spatha. I tried to get it into HL2, and succeeded to a degree, but the angle (-90 degrees on the y-axis) was messed up, and not fixable, apparently Milkshape hasn't progressed enough to work accuratly with HL2. Guess I have to use XSI or whatever till MS3D is updated.

    ~1300 Ploys with HD hands. One new animation (Stab), and new Crowbar menu sprites. To get the most out of it, play with a few buddies and high crowbar damage.

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    Re: [Crowbar] Pompeii Gladius

    Seeing as no one else is posting, I will.

    I'll go try it out in a few minutes, it looks good. I'm always willing to try new sword models for cbar/pwrench that have good quality. (And the fact that the Gladius is one of my favorite short swords makes it even better)

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    I must admit, Iv always liked these sword models you have
    although they suck without a few of my minor modifications (which I still have floating around somewhere if you want to see) but without your models they wouldnt be there at all. the best crowbars and pipewrenches ever that still yet to change and have been widespread to any melee weapon I can think of. Now I have a Gladius to work with and I do happen to like Roman borad swords a little but but not as much as 16th centuary weapons
    still, keep up the good work and make more of this ancient weaponry, its always good to have some sword model floating around for the RPG freaks who crave something just a little bigger and better than a knife to use since no one else will make them.
    you could try making spears, axes, halbreds, and what ever else comes to mind for melee and primitive ranged carnage
    hell, then leave it to me to make all the magic weaponry like hand movements, scrolls, staffs, and more and then we got Half Life - The RPG Adventure!

    lol, for once I actually looked at your wip page, answers my questions...
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