Thread: [9mmAR] NR's AKS-74U Hack ("Classic" Edition)

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    Post [9mmAR] NR's AKS-74U Hack w/PBS silencer

    Download Normal AKS-74U for HL/Sven 9mmAR
    Download Silenced AKS-74U for HL/Sven 9mmAR

    (Note: If you can't download or see some strange symbols, try Right Click -> "Save as....")

    NR's AKS-74U Hack Redux for HL/Sven 9mmAR
    OK, the PBS-5 silencer is my first model, so please don't complain about
    its quality :P
    What's New:
    Fixed some smoothing errors(especially the foregrip and the pistol grip),
    added a version with PBS-5 silencer, and changed the skin to Darkstorn's.
    Model info:
    Polycount: (Normal version)
    v_9mmAR_HEV = 3750
    v_9mmAR_OP4 = 2998
    v_9mmAR_BS = 2872
    p & w_9mmAR = 2328
    Polycount: (Silenced version)
    v_9mmAR_HEV = 3926
    v_9mmAR_OP4 = 3174
    v_9mmAR_BS = 3048
    p & w_9mmAR = 2504
    Polycount: (The rest)
    w_9mmARclip = 228
    shell = 158
    AK Body Model/Skin: Darkstorn
    Wooden Foregrip Skin: Stoke
    Synthetic Grip Skin: Splinter
    AK UV-Maps: Bullet_Head & Darkstorn
    AK74 Magazine Model/Skin: n|rvy
    AK74 Magazine Black Reskin: N.R.
    Buttstock Model: N3o
    Buttstock Skin: Creeping_Jesus
    Rear Sight Model/Skin: Celt (from AKS-74U in Hostile Intent Mod 1.4)
    Flash Hider Model: Cypherion & N.R.
    Flash Hider UVMap Rearrange: N.R.
    PBS-5 Silencer Model: N.R.
    PBS-5 Silencer Skin: H4wk, Splinter
    Cartridge in Magazine: -X-
    High Definition Shell: Lonewolf (from GHOST Ops Mod)
    Improved HEV/OP4/BS Arms: Ambient.Impact
    Animations: Toadie (inspired by AK-74 in Firearms Mod), tweaked by N.R.
    Normal Shooting Sound: Recon 101 (from AKS-74U in Recon Sound Pack V2)
    Silenced Shooting Sound: Vunsunta
    Reloading Sound: from AK-74 and SVD in Global Warfare Mod 1.5
    Grenade Launcher Sound: from GP-25 in Firearms Mod 2.7
    Muzzleflash Sprite: from CS 1.6
    Weapon Sprite: from CS 1.6, edited by N.R.
    Special thanks to EoD for the UVmapping advice.
    | Compile/Convert/Hack: NovaRain (aka N.R.)  |
    1. There're some clippings in animations, but I think they're minor.
    2. I speed up the deploy and reloading animation for matching the time
    consistency. (0.5 sec for deploy and 1.57 sec for reloading)
    If you think they're too fast, slow them down on your own ;)
    These files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-
    NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to
    Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, California 94305, USA.
    Thank you for reading this.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: [9mmAR] NR's AKS-74U Hack ("Classic" Edition)

    I downloaded this file, but and after extracting all the files and starting the game the in-game model hasn't changed, it's still the MP5

    anybody know why?
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    Re: [9mmAR] NR's AKS-74U Hack ("Classic" Edition)

    No. But this is excellent.
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    Re: [9mmAR] NR's AKS-74U Hack ("Classic" Edition)

    Do you extract it to your svencoop/models folder? and replaced the old ones?

    Nice work.

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