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Are the lamps models? They have a dark bottom side, so the dont look like they are emitting light.
Also you may use light_spot to get rid of the bright spot on the ceiling above the lamps.

If you are going to make the gameplay similar to the original game, it should be a lot darker or even has fog.
And if you made these textures, please make your own trashcan, too!
It's not the final version, is like a beta version. I'll change the lamps models, and yes, thanks for the advice of the light. I'm still learning and reading tutorials about mapping.

About the darkness, remember that this is the introduction. In the introduction there is enough light since the containment breach still does not occur, but after that, the map becomes dark and with fog.

The textures are not mine, they are extracted from the original game. (Copyright Undertow Games ©)