When will 3.5 bronze be released?
The aim is christmas (Again!)

What does bronze mean?
Basically we found that finishing everything we had planned for 3.5 would take even longer. We've been having trouble with getting the models finished (Lack of animator) so the idea is to actually get everything we have that's ready out to you guys rather than keeping stuff sitting around.

Whilst the models have been stuck in a bit of development hell the code has been continuously worked on by Sniper so there is a LOT of stuff in there.

So no new models?
Unless things take a dramatic turn around the new guns and Tor will not be in bronze. The whole idea of bronze is to free the mod from the delay we've had with the models. However there are some more OP4 guns and monsters.

Where's They Hunger Co-op?
Due to come after Silver, there are a few features needed for it and Bronze has already been delayed enough.