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    Lightbulb 3.5 Bronze

    When will 3.5 bronze be released?
    The aim is christmas (Again!)

    What does bronze mean?
    Basically we found that finishing everything we had planned for 3.5 would take even longer. We've been having trouble with getting the models finished (Lack of animator) so the idea is to actually get everything we have that's ready out to you guys rather than keeping stuff sitting around.

    Whilst the models have been stuck in a bit of development hell the code has been continuously worked on by Sniper so there is a LOT of stuff in there.

    So no new models?
    Unless things take a dramatic turn around the new guns and Tor will not be in bronze. The whole idea of bronze is to free the mod from the delay we've had with the models. However there are some more OP4 guns and monsters.

    Where's They Hunger Co-op?
    Due to come after Silver, there are a few features needed for it and Bronze has already been delayed enough.

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    Re: 3.5 Bronze

    New Features

    - New weapon: M249 Squad Automatic Weapon
    - Particle system created for water splashes and hit effects, etc.
    - Player revival added. Use medkit secondary with 50 ammo to revive a player.
    - Dead bodies no longer stay around after a player has respawned.
    - Health column added to the scoreboard
    - Added a "Health Cap" option for item_healthkits. Allows for bonus-health, or to disallow players to use the kits after a specified health level.
    NOTE: 1 unit of health will drain from the player every 2 seconds if over the maximum health amount.
    - Health kits can be set to give a specific amount of health to the player, individually from other health kits.
    - Players can now retrieve their own detpacks by +using them.
    - Added "npc_moveto" command. Aim to where you want following monsters to move to and press button.
    - New fair and balanced scoring system. The more health a monster has, the more points you receive for taking them out.
    - Falling into water is no longer a safeguard against fall-damage. The deeper the water, the lesser the impact.
    - Added light-based muzzle flashes to weapons
    - Streaming audio support and *.pls playlist file support added for the Sven Co-op MP3 player.

    Bug fixes

    - Fixed bug that allowed players to gain an unlimited amount of ammo after dropping specific weapons.
    - Fixed bug that froze monsters in place if their follow-target died.
    - Fixed crash bug with client-side spore grenade effect.
    - Clamped suit volume to 1 to prevent any "SV_StartSound: volume = X" crashes.
    - Fixed missing name for the Nihilanth boss monster.
    - Fixed bug that would allow monsters to damage/break objects with their melee attacks even if "Trigger Only" was set on func_breakables.
    - Increased allowable server name length, server names no longer appear "corrupted".
    - Hud now properly outputs a weapon's clip count, weapons can have over 100 rounds in a clip.
    - Fixed rare crashbug related to humans running away from dangerous monsters
    - Fixed a series of NPC speech problems.
    - Fixed bug with monster_furniture entities turning to face sounds in the world.
    - Fixed idle animation glitches that occurred while an NPC talked. (Caused by old references in Valve's code left over from before Half-Life's release.)
    - Fixed several crashes with the mp3 player.
    - Offloaded FMOD DLL to svencoop folder to prevent any further 3rd party mod incompatibilities.
    - Fixed ancient bug which prevented "running through shallow water" sounds from playing
    - Mysterious "second bullet" decal mark is no longer drawn when the Sniper rifle fires.


    - Mandatory delay of 2 seconds added for teleports, to prevent impatient players from telefragging their team mates
    - Monsters will immediately start following a new player when they're +used, instead of just stopping and clearing their old follow-target.
    - Medkit Weapon now properly increases the player's available medkit-ammo supply when not in use.
    - Medkit healing rate increased
    - Shell casings and gib models now properly bounce and react to the ground.
    - Changed around head-bob mechanics for falling/landing.
    - Changed scoring system points per-monster
    - Screen now shakes when in proximity of grenades or other dangerous explosive devices, intensity of screen-shake based on damage.
    - Fixed schedule bug that affected monster attack animations.
    - Fixed problem with secondary attack not calling the dry-fire animation on the Glock 9mm.
    - Fixed various reloading glitches for the Glock and 357.
    - Set gl_round_down to default to 0, offers greater image quality.
    - Fixed akimbo uzi hud ammo visibility bug
    - Shotgun ammo reload speed increased.
    - Increased grapple entity tongue size to make it easier for players to grapple onto things.
    - Re-worked ammo-dropping system to only drop as much ammo from the player as can be picked up by the standard ammo_entities.
    - Increased shell casing life time from 2.5 seconds to 5 seconds.
    - Changed tongue orientation for the barnacle grapple.
    - Tweaked shell-casing ejection points for a few weapons
    - Crossbow zoom-toggle delay decreased
    - Fixed animation popping for the Sniper Rifle when doing a full ammo reload.
    - Decreased rappeling speed with the barnacle grapple.
    - Fixed various name declarations for monsters.
    - Tweaked func_pushables. Stop moving and +use one to "pick it up", move into it to push, or move into it and +use while aiming slightly downward to push with more control. Pick up and start moving to throw a short distance.
    - Revamped trigger_hurt damage function, players get correct levels of damage regardless of lag level (E.g. no more instant deaths from trigger_hurts that give 20 damage)
    - Players no longer make "bubble" sounds when standing in water, sound effect now plays when fully submerged in water.
    - Redundant server side footstep sounds no longer play
    - Fixed a series of third person player animation bugs
    - Tweaked Wrench secondary damage. Takes about 5 seconds to charge up secondary fire, to give a maximum damage bonus of 85 damage points, in addition to the weapon's standard damage.

    AI Tweaks/changes

    - Fixed a friendly fire problem that caused monsters to shoot their partner's backs by mistake
    - Alien Grunts can now turn their heads.
    - Increased Alien Grunt Armor protection.
    - Alien Grunt Hornets have 50% reduced sight range, and only tracking-hornets will be fired if the Monster can not see his enemy. If enemy is visible, the alien grunt will fire hornets in a similar manner to the player hornetgun's secondary fire.
    - Osprey Helicopters now fall and slide onto the ground a bit once they crash, and explode after a second or so. Any grunts riding inside of the craft are jettisoned out when it explodes (and killed)
    - Re-worked Gargantua flame-mechanics for brush-based enemy support
    - Gargantuas now respond to bullets when shot from behind.
    - Updated HWGrunt attacking behaviors and fixed tracking bugs
    - Minor change: Monsters make a pain sound when they're injected with a needle from the Medic Grunt.
    - When attacked, Barnacles will flinch in place making them easier to notice.
    - Cleaned up sound effects, client-side effects, AI glitches, and a crash bug for the Shock Trooper monster.
    - Tweaked/Reduced Shock Trooper damage resistance.
    - Big Mommas will now run after and attack anything that happens to kill one of their children.
    - Upon encounters with new enemies while being attacked, Big Mommas will attempt to shield themselves from incoming attacks.
    - Grunts now regard Big Mommas as their Nemesis if being pursued by them.
    - Squad leaders can now communicate with other visible squad leaders.
    - Fixed a serious node-graph linking glitch, node graphs allow monsters to navigate areas 100% better.
    - Female assassins can now run away from dangerous zombie-like creatures as all other human classes do. (And they're quite good at it, too!)
    - Monsters now recognize Big Momma's mortar as a dangerous thing and attempt to run away from it.
    - Melee-only Male Assassins will now flee if they're being pursued by an attacker, and come back to fight when their enemy has its back turned.
    - Fixed problem with the Apache (when killed) constantly exploding and throwing metal if it fell ontop of another monster.
    - Monsters will make an attempt to get away from Apaches/Ospreys when the helicopters are falling to the ground.
    - Female Assassins no longer make running sounds when walking.
    - Monsters now run over to dead bodies of their allies, rather than stare off into space.
    - Small cpu optimization added for the bullsquid when it fails to find a path to its enemy.
    - Idle sounds added for the Voltigore.
    - If in an alert state, monsters will run to help any nearby friends by looking for their enemies (if ally is engaged in combat). Result is a more active group of monsters that are better aware of their surroundings.
    - Changed priority of following monsters to keep following their player-owner more often.
    - Pitdrones now hide from their enemies when reloading their spikes.
    - Monsters now make various sounds to coincide with the NPC commands.
    - Fixed various "freezing" problems with the Voltigore AI
    - Scientist now plays fear animation for gunshot fire (Bug existed since Half-Life)
    - Fixed monster yaw speed handling
    - Increased the turning/facing speed for Male Assassins
    - Decreased accuracy for Otis and Medics that use the Desert Eagle handgun.
    - Fixed some issues with monsters walking off of ledges
    - Male Assassins now take more opportunities to use their grenade attack.

    Mappers changes

    - Light entities now have a flag to remove them from the world. As a result, they no longer [need] to add onto the entity count limit (Regardless of if you do specify a targetname for them)
    - Global light control entity added. Mappers now have the ability to toggle all texture lights in a level on or off, or give them a specific pattern (e.g. flicker)
    - New Entity: Trigger_change_class - Changes a monster's classification when triggered.
    - New entity: monster_handgrenade; Can have custom model and health option sets the delay before explosion when spawned.
    - Fixed FGD bug that caused an error in Worldcraft/Hammer if loaded for the first time.
    - Increased view height of nodes from 8 units to 32 units in order to greatly improve navigation around obstacles like stairs, the top and bottom of hills etc. [Note: 'Maximum visible nodes' level design error was removed.]
    - Scripted_sentence feature: When adding a "+" in front of a wav file path under "Sentence Name" in Hammer, the monster will be able to say the given wav file without the need for a sentences.txt entry. (Sounds are automatically precached)
    - Added "item_generic" to the Sven Co-op FGD (Accidentally left out)
    - Changed "monster_satchelcharge" in FGD file to "monster_satchel" since there is no "monster_satchelcharge" entity.
    - Fixed problem with the squadmaker entity not transferring free-roaming options to its created monsters.
    - Cleaned up Squadmaker and Monstermaker code.
    - New trigger_push spawnflags: "No Clients" and "No Monsters" - Will cause the trigger_push to ignore either entity type.
    - Fixed mp_respawndelay not being set when defined in a map cfg file.
    - "Disable Respawn" spawnflag added in for items (healthkits, batteries, etc.)
    - Fixed a few issues with the "Create" command for mappers. Adding a "1" at the end of the input will toggle friendly/enemy monster spawning.
    - Mapper placed weaponboxes now automatically respawn
    - New Entity: trigger_track_goal - triggers a func_track_train to start moving toward a specific path_track path entity. Acts like a "call" button for elevators, and can be used to direct trains to specific destinations.
    - Door improvement: Check added to make sure linked doors remain in-sync with eachother.
    - Scientists can now be set to "fear" players and other friendly monsters.
    - Changed some display errors in the sven-coop.fgd file.
    - Weapon models can now have custom weapon muzzle sprites specified by the weapon.QC file. Use: { event 5005 "sprites/spritename.spr" } -- NOTE: Ensure sprite model is precached.

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