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    New map in 3.5

    Is there new maps for 3.5, and if yes, how many? And did you have made another WWII based map pack like afrikakorps?

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    Re: New map in 3.5

    There will be new maps. Alot of sven maps are on hold, to get the 3.5 features. So yes. And quite a lot at that.

    I don't know if there are more Afrikakorpish maps.
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    Re: New map in 3.5

    I would imagen there are quite a few new maps going to be released when 3.5 bronze comes out. I only would know of 1, the escape series are officialized. Have you got the afrikakorps bonus map in the map showcase? If you haven't, its the 4th map in the series, it should keep you busy for 30 minutes.
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