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    sc_tetris 1.1

    This is a new version of the sc_tetris series which I released some months ago. I was first going to wait until SC 3.5, but since we didn't get it yet, I release this as an xmas present.

    This will replace the old sc_tetris content, so that might cause some problems for people trying to connect to servers running the updated version (Map differs error), so I hope they realize to look for the new version over here, and not just trying to delete the maps and download from server (other content has been modified too, like the wad and some models).

    The package also includes the mushroom (sieni) and robogrunt (rgrunt) player models by JJ45 (by his request). The mushroom model was originally created for the tetris series, and was made into a player model later.

    There are lots of minor updating, but also many major ones. Here's the changelog:

    • Replaced wall textures by new ones (red, green, yellow, purple, red, grey)
    • Added shortcuts
    • Improved architecture in boring places
    • Fixed overlapping brushes in sc_tetris6 (might have caused some problems)
    • Fixed outside elevator in sc_tetris1 so you can't get stuck under it
    • Added some monsters
    • Decreased health of all voltigores from 800 to 500
    • Increased the speed of controller balls
    • Reduced the amount of explosives in some places (balance)
    • Changed the laser turret inactive-on-shot time from 1 sec to 3 secs
    • Remade the controller boss in sc_tetris3
    • Increased the healing amount of grapple walls from 1hp/s to 5hp/s.
    • Added lots of cookies (hidden stuff), secrets and easter eggs (how many you can find?)

    I might have forgotten something, but that's most of it.

    If you find any bugs or anything that needs to be fixed, let me know. I'm going to edit this again for SC 3.5 when it comes out.

    You can find some screenshots over here:

    The new walls:

    Please do not use +hook in these maps! It's a cheat like noclip or adjusting gravity. Even if the server was running HookMod, avoid using +hook yourself!

    Size: 10.6 MB
    Download mirrors:
    [Download URL Removed; map is included in Sven Co-op 4.0]

    Extract it to your Half-Life folder (the folder where SvenCoop folder is located)
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