Thread: Howto Fix SvenCoop30 HLSP maps:(Play The Half-Life storyline co-op)

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    Lightbulb Howto Fix SvenCoop30 HLSP maps:(Play The Half-Life storyline co-op)

    (a)ezpatch. (b)enabler. (c)hdpatch.

    You installed the SvenCoop30_hlsp_update.
    (a)download ezpatch.

    You did not install the update.
    (b)download enabler.

    You installed SvenCoop30full with HLSP support. You have a pak0.pak
    (c)download hdpatch.

    If you don't know what you did and nothing works.
    use the enabler. (uberfix)

    ezpatch: small less than 50kb (differences. badmaps from the update --> goodmaps)
    hlsp_enabler: approximately 1mb (extracts maps from half-life.gcf, updates ents, cfgs)
    hdpatch: small less than 40kb (differences. badmaps from pak0 install --> goodmaps)

    It's come to my attention that some people did not understand previous post related to HLSP support fixes. Thus the simple version.
    The process of developing this fix, like software development, is both iterative and incremental. It was previously documented in a series of related post.

    Edit: newest, best'est, fastest. whatever, it is the best I could do. Work in progress. Just for fun, try this one!
    Sry, error in svn-hlsp1.7d One map is missing you can get it here:
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