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    Sc_Persia (Final)

    Persia final version is up here :
    [Download URL Removed; map is included in Sven Co-op 4.0]

    Level of the map : MEDIUM
    Duration : LONG

    24 hours ago, we received a transmission from an arabic TV channel. Terrorists said
    that they have a huge fire power and they will attack a great city in the next 48 hours.
    A squad has been sent to the presumed place of the terrorist's HQ, but we have lost
    communications for 2 hours. Spies said that the squad managed to place explosives on
    the great fire power, and told us that this power is a huge mecha with 2 turrets, 2 miniguns
    and a anti-air missile battery. The explosives are quite dangerous, so the terrorists didn't
    defused it.
    You were sent with your team for make a big boom and destroy this damn war machine. Remember, if you fail, a great city will be destroyed !

    Good luck soldier !

    Mission :

    - Make your way through the streets, and reach the radiopost hold by the terrorists.
    - Steal all the secret documents of the terrorist engeeners for stop the creation of
    these weapons.
    - Open the door of the fortress's entrance.
    - Enter the fortress and make your way to the mecha.
    - Press the detonator and RUN !!

    Since the WIP thread, I've updated some things :
    - Reduced some areas, the wpolys are lower, but for the moment there isn't "great" optimisation, so the map may be a little laggy on the lower systems.
    - Added foliage on some walls, but it isn't very finished, so there isn't many many foliage.
    - Added a big ammount of sound (ah, the sound of the cliff is great )
    - Added NULL everywhere !!

    Final ver Changelog :
    [FIXED] Strange bugs
    [FIXED] My english *bleh*
    [FIXED] Cfg file, you've got now the weapons at start
    [FIXED] .res file updated
    [ADDED] Easter-egg
    [ADDED] Clip blocks in some areas
    [ADDED] monster_tripmines in some spots
    [ADDED] Explosive weaponry at the hanging passage
    [REDUCED] Polycount and Entity Count
    [REDUCED] RoboGrunts hp, 350 --> 225
    [CHANGES] Removed some snipers and added some grunts in the hang passage

    Version 1.1 changelog :
    [ADDED] A little plank on the small wall which helps in the jump for reach the balcony.
    [ADDED] Some cameras for help the players who don't know that shortcuts exist.
    [ADDED] A text which explain that the players must hang on the fence with a camera.
    [ADDED] Two ropes in the same passage for help the players stucked in bottom.
    [FIXED] The clip over the crate is now closest to the arch.
    [FIXED] The robots at the end used to have a little hp. They have now a great ammount of hp (hehehe)
    [FIXED] The cliff now joins the building in the first screen of Arcalis.
    [FIXED] The building has been enlarged by the add of another wall. (Second screen of Soul)
    [FIXED] A small texture bug in the house.
    [FIXED] Snipers won't be stucked in the fortress now.
    [FIXED] The sound bug in the hang passage.
    [FIXED] The bug that allows players to go on the top balcony in the rope passage.

    Known Bugs/Issues
    - For the moment, the hanging passage isn't perfect. When you are under the fence/ladder, jump, jump and re-jump. You will finnally grip on the ladder.. I dunno why and how this bug happened, the first time it was functionnal without any bug.
    - The Snipers could be stucked on a specific roof (I've seen them running in circle lol)

    Here are the pics :

    Here is the download : (5,37 Mo)
    [Download URL Removed; map is included in Sven Co-op 4.0]

    If you create a server for playtesting, tell me
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