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    Post sc_royals (beta)


    This is my first map and I'm sorry for posting it in this condition. I got some small problems in it and I really don't know how to fix them, so I hope you guys can help me out.

    I actually have 4 maps now (sc_royals1, sc_royals2, sc_royals3 and sc_royals4) because I had to divide the original map.

    The maps are about Egypt. Unfortunately I was in the half way doing them when I heard that the idea had already been used. However, I still decided to finish this project even if it isn't so original anymore.


    In the first and the 2nd map your task is to make your way through all the enemies and find the four pyramidbuttons to gain access to The Pyramid. In sc_royals4 you will go into the pyramid and kill the pharaoh.

    After pressing each pyramidbutton you should see a short video of a triangle getting to its place above the gate at the respawn. You can see the team's progress from those triangles.

    You can find more info about the maps from the txt. files.


    (try copy-pasting the links if they're not working)




    VERSION 2:

    - Made small changes to the respawn areas in both maps.
    - Mapchange in the first map should work now. After pressing each button and killing the mummies at start you need to touch the gate to change to the next map.
    - All leaf portal saw into leaf errors fixed.
    - The alien slave in the 2nd map's start video has one new animation.
    - Fixed the pyramid's texture.
    - Skybrushes between the pyramid and respawn removed.


    VERSION 3:

    - Split both maps in 2, there are 4 maps now. Sc_royals3 includes the sphinx area. The area has a new meaning now, this adds a bit variety to the maps. In the end of the 2nd and the 3rd map you need to touch the gate to continue.
    - Fixed the long "Precaching resources..." -loading time, or atleast I'm not having it anymore (I still had it with the new 4th map). To fix it I had to remove 2 Pharaoh's sounds but you won't prolly even notice the difference with the sounds. This might fix crash problems.
    - Edited the alien-glasstube-room in the human grunt base. This might fix crash problems too.
    - Gonomes eat now!
    - Fixed pyramid's structure. Outside looks better.
    - Replaced one texture (xen).
    - The fight after four pyramidbuttons is a bit more interesting now. No tons of mummies.
    - Added detail, detail and detail (mostly in the human grunts' area).
    - Fixed small aesthetic bugs.
    - Alienattacks at the gate while finding buttons are working correctly now.
    - Added 1 secret to the first map.
    - The "Believe..." abyss is a cave now. It's darker, though it's not so Indiana Jones -like anymore.
    - Changed the place of the key that opens the door to The Golden Tombs.
    - Edited the alien controller attack in front of the pyramid a bit.
    - Took sc_royals.wad off the zip file. It should be wadincluded in the maps.
    - Edited txt. files.


    VERSION 4:

    - deleted lots of info_nodes.
    - added res files to zip.
    - added sc_royals4.nod and sc_royals4.nrp to the zip file. These files should fix the "Queue is full!" error. They will go automatically to the right place.
    - replaced the freaking alien slave in the glasstube with a head crab. Dunno about this, hope it works.



    - Game end works in the last map now.
    - Made the doors in the first map's gruntbase a bit higher and wider.
    - Pharaoh's bodyguards are stronger.
    - All mummies instant kill (Pharaoh and his bodyguards too).
    - Fixed a visibility bug in map 2.
    - Added some ambience sounds.



    - Made the vine (number 2 in JPolito's pic) a func_illusionary. This means you don't have to jump on the brick on the other side (number 1) at all, but I don't think it actually matters that much.
    - Raised the platform (number 3) a bit so that the ichys aren't so likely to jump and bite you.
    - Added the MOTD files to map 1, 2 and 4.
    - Added 1 more ambience sound to map 2.



    [Download URLs Removed; map is included in Sven Co-op 4.0]


    About the problems:

    sc_royals1 and 2:

    - At one part of the map you will see 3 gonomes in a hallway around a body. They should be eating the body but the scripted_sequence doesn't seem to work. I'm probably doing something wrong. Can someone give me proper settings for the sequence? I would want them to eat the body untill you shoot at them. I don't want them to stop sooner. (FIXED)

    sc_royals3 and 4:

    - When you try go out the gate at the start you will see a small video of an alien slave tickling Crazy Barney. If you shoot before the sequence Barney turns to face you and looks into wrong direction when the sequence starts. I tried to get him to idle to the right direction but it didn't seem to work, he still turned when i shot. Is there another way to stop him turning or should i just keep trying to get him to idle? I probably did something wrong with the idling sequence. (NOT FIXED)

    - The alien in the sequence is actually missing one small animation but i think i got it fixed. I haven't compiled the new version yet because it takes quite long and I probably need to make other changes when I get feedback, so I'll change it later. (FIXED)

    - I also got that texture bug fixed that you can see in the first sc_royals2 screenie (the pyramid). (FIXED)

    - When you walk around the respawn area while looking at the cliffs in the pyramid area, the cliffs wont look very nice. They will disappear and blink and stuff like that. I got a skybrush between those 2 areas because i didnt want the game to draw the pyramid (and the area) from too far away and cause lag. I noticed the skybrush stops the pyramid from being seen from the respawn. Heh, that's probably very wrong, and please correct me. It's probably the skybrush that causes the cliffbug, so should I just take it off or keep there or what? (FIXED)

    - There's one annoying wavebug in the jungle-sphinx area. It can be seen in the water right in front of the sphinx. I really don't know how to fix that. (NOT FIXED)

    - Plant models seem to bleed when they are being shot at. I'm not sure if this is normal because I've never seen it before. (NOT FIXED)

    I also noticed that epoly and wpoly get a bit high at some parts of both maps. I'm really sorry about that, but I don't know how to fix it without making too big changes.


    Beta testers: CrouchSoft, Rngatdzs, Robootto
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