Thread: I need help bad with this #GameUI

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    I need help bad with this #GameUI

    Hey guys, i used to be able to play sven coop but then i reformatted my computer and every time i opend my half - life or sven coop it would open up and you could see the background but the find servers and new game and all that stuff wouldn't appear. Then it just says not responding and i have to ctrl alt delete then a friend told me to set the launch options as -sw which puts the game in a window mode i could play the game single player but i looked in the find servers and there was nothing there and i tried to connect to my mates server but it just keeps saying this

    Then it goes

    Please help me i would really apperciate it guys
    love enak.

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    Re: I need help bad with this #GameUI

    You could use -windowed instead of -sw, but I don't know if that'd make a difference.

    I recognize those lines though. You should probably reinstall Sven Co-op from scratch or something.

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    Re: I need help bad with this #GameUI

    Have your reinstall Half Life on Steam and then reinstalled Sven Co-op?

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