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    recording footage

    How do you record half life footage?
    The sound is not really necesarry..

    I only need footage from sven coop; a good software bundle please
    I'm willing to pay for it right ;

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    Re: recording footage

    Well there is an integrated function to make demos and can be used with commands record demoname, stop and play demoname. However, these format is not suitable for further editing or uploading to

    I would recommend Fraps, if you are ready to pay. It records in pure RGB at full resolution with any framerate your graphics card can do. I can record at 1024x768 with 40 fps or at 512x384 with 60 fps with a GTS 8800. Note that recording 30 seconds are about one gigabyte of data so the file can become huge fast and a slow harddrive can slow you down as well. To get the file smaller after recording use Virtual Dub and make it into MPEG-4 codec or newer. If you want a newer codec for even smaller files you may pay a visit. Note that most video hosters like youtube lower the quality after uploading anyway so you should record at half resolution when using fraps. I'm not sure if youtube removes frames as well... If that lags try playing with a lower resolution while recording. 800x600, becoming 400x300, is still of a better quality than any video on youtube.

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