Thread: bumping old thread kinda :D msg inside

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    bumping old thread kinda :D msg inside

    hi, even tho my old thread is still here...i wanted to make a new one and here it is was about my server not showing up. and i was told to make sure all my ports are open on my on a cord from my router..and..can someone like, walk me through the process of opening all the ports? because i want my server to show up to play with friends.. plz help (prays)

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    Lightbulb Re: bumping old thread kinda :D msg inside

    Try to create server with no-ip or sth, give us ur IP we(Im saying we, coz I dont know it at all about it) will say its correct IP for public server. For example, I have not public IP(covered by master IP), so I cant create any server.

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