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    Re: sc_reflux

    Whats a 'horrible frame rate'? Can you try to be a bit more specific. I have a GF5600 with only 128M of video memory, Athlon 2500 and 512M RAM. My fps stays around 60 with vsync on. The person I tested it with was playing on a laptop with one of those integrated GF4 pieces of crap and even asked if they were getting bad performance, but apparently not.

    I know about the problem with visibility, what you are seeing on that screenshot is a large func_conveyor (snow effect) in the next area being rendered even though it shouldn't. Actually spent a long time trying to stop this with several other brush entities that before you would have been able to see through the sky box. But that one was a stubborn SOB to fix so I decided to leave it. The other option would be to ditch the snow effect completely, which I decided not to do because the performance drop didn't seem to be worth crying about.

    If I had to guess, I'd say you are playing with anti-aliasing forced at some crazy setting. That is the only way I know of to completely ruin performance on the half-life engine, on my system.

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    Re: sc_reflux

    Global Settings include 1280x1024, 32-Bit OpenGL, and Triple Buffering turned OFF. (I never used Triple Buffering anyway. I should perform a benchmark comparing Triple Buffering on and off to see how it effects my performance some time.)

    Very High Quality
    Use the advanced 3D image settings (customized settings in other words): Anisotropic Filtering (16x), Antialiasing (8xS), Antialiasing Transparency (Supersampling), Texture Filtering Quality (High quality), Vertical Sync (Force off).

    High Quality
    Use my preference emphasizing: Quality: Anisotropic Filtering (8x), Antialiasing (4x), Antialiasing Transparency (Supersampling), Texture Filtering Quality (High quality), Vertical Sync (Force off*).

    Optimal or Defaults
    Let the 3D application decide: Anisotropic Filtering (Application-controlled), Antialiasing (Application-controlled), Antialiasing Transparency (Supersampling), Texture Filtering Quality (High Quality), Vertical Sync (Force off*).

    * This is the only thing that I manually set myself. The rest of the settings are presets that the nVidia Control Panel has built in for the slider in the "Adjust image settings with preview" page.

    The specs in high detail for my computer can be found at My CPU is from 2000 or older and is overclocked by 1GHz. I am also currently using the "overclocked" benchmark profile. And to mention that I also have a gigantic VGA heatsink with heat pipes that takes up about 3 PCI slots installed on my card.

    Emteg, you should probably check your nVidia control panel. If you are a quality-over-performance kind of person (yet still desire the performance), I recommend that at most you use "Use my preference emphasizing: Quality." Otherwise just let the application decide the quality of graphics for you (which I think uses no antialiasing and anisotropic). With games like Half-Life 2, it might kill your FPS by a huge margin if you don't "let the application decide" for you, though.

    EDIT :: By the way, according to your screenshot you have antialiasing disabled. Not too hard to tell whether antialiasing is on or off (obvious difference).
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    Re: sc_reflux

    How come both your FPS bars are different? (27 on one bar And 24 fps on the other)?

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