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    The government thought Black Mesa was destroyed -- a nuclear explosion in the heart of the deceased military base caused catostrophic damage, but it wasn't enough. Years later, the survivors of the horrors and destruction of the resonance cascade rebuild what remains of Black Mesa.
    Being an isolated base in New Mexico, Black Mesa slowly began to rebuild into smaller "partitioned" bases; all of which being privately owned. Black Mesa had become real estate -- any area that wasn't destroyed was snatched up and fought after by the surviving science, security, and even military factions. The strongest leader of these factions, the notorious "Mr. Breeden", quickly took control and stamped out any resistance. His sector of Black Mesa, due to its staggering size, resources, and fire power, became known as Momma Mesa -- the mother of all privately owned Black Mesa sectors.

    You, the Sven Co-Op mercenary team, have been employed by Mr. Breeden himself -- to do his dirty work and contain any security breaches in the base. Who knows -- do a good enough job, and you might just see the light of day again.

    Background Information

    After roughly two years, I've finally finished this monster of a map. Momma Mesa is a walkthrough styled map, with emphasis on non-linearity and has multiple endings. Players take the role of a the "Sven Co-Op Mercenary Team" and have recently been hired by the mysterious Mr. Breeden.

    This map came about due to some very poor German grades in my freshman year of high school. My computer time had been cut to a mere 1 hour a day, and so, I sat down at the computer and whipped up the first room of MM in about a weeks time. The map has since undergone many changes, lots of content has been deleted, and just as much has been added in. Momma Mesa is based on the randomized mission concept from the map "Incoming", one of my favorite maps. Unlike Incoming, which had randomized missions, Momma Mesa focuses on a failure/completion system -- completing a mission will send you to mission A, while failing a mission will send you to mission B, and so forth. The map contains three endings, so technically, players could complete the map with no deaths at all and still completely fail the map.

    Also, there have been 35 beta versions of Momma Mesa thus far -- if you dig around in the bored and the Momma Mesa WIP threads, you can find a nice hunk of material that never made the final cut. This map has undergone many, many changes.

    Changes in Version 37

    • Fixed a bug in the sewers in which the "debris" would remove itself, allowing players to activate the bomb again. [Sewers]
    • Fixed the "explody sewers" bug, in which the battle tank would shoot through the entire level right into the sewers. [Sewers]
    • Super Houndeyes now spawn in the tunnels as a punishment for getting too close to alien spawn points. [Tunnel]
    • Grunt HP lowered to 100 (was 200.) [Tunnel]
    • Raised the length of wave 3 from 20 kills to 30. [Tunnel]
    • Removed the mounted gun turret. [Uplink]
    • Gonome and Alien Slave HP raised in the uplink mission. [Uplink]
    • Manta Ray HP raised to 6000. [Uplink]
    • Radar Dish HP lowered to 6000. [Uplink]
    • Uplink computer HP lowered to 250. [Uplink]
    • The visual artifact in the Arena's sky has reappeared, due to the bug fix for the explody sewers. [Arena]
    • Lowered the amount of HP and energy med chargers and HEV chargers would give. [Global]
    • Removed a few HEV chargers. [Global]
    • 9mm Ammo damage lowered to 10 on medium difficulty. [Global]

    Changes in Version 38
    • Fixed a bug in which the ending to the Tunnel mission could go haywire. [Tunnel]
    • Added a light to the second teleport. [Arena]
    • Reset 9mm ammo damage to 14. [Global]

    Changes in Version 39
    • Added another fail-safe entity which will hopefully prevent two endings activating at once in the Tunnel mission. [Tunnel]
    • Lowered uplink computer HP to 200 (was 250.) [Uplink]
    • Manta Ray HP raised to 8000 (was 6500.) [Uplink]

    Bugs that CANNOT be Fixed
    • Voltage regulators in the laboratory mission can go out of sync. When this happens, the teleport can take damage without an alarm sounding.
    • Players can use the crossbow to jump to the second floor of the prison. Not really a problem -- if the players want a good tactical position and are creative enough to get it, then that's fine. There isn't much up on the second floor of the prison, though.
    • It might be possible to have two endings trigger in the Caves mission -- this seems very unlikely, and would require the players to have timing down to a tenth of a second to cause this to happen. Even at that, this is an uncomfirmed bug that I'm not entirely sure if it exists or not.
    • The tank can shoot through the warehouse in the arena.
    • When armed with the gauss gun, it is possible to shoot a wall at an awkward angle and have the shot pass through the entire map. When this happens, the shot will usually hit all breakable objects in the map, which will activate all endings and cause the map to go haywire. There's nothing I can do to fix this; ask valve to fix the gauss gun so laser shots don't pass through the void. This bug is very rare, thankfully.

    General Information
    • Recomended for 4 players.
    • maxplayers MUST be set to 32, or this map will cause a rift in the space time continuum.
    • SCXP Mod MUST be disabled -- SCXP mod tends to cancel out text in a map, and the players must be able to read the mission briefings.
    • Momma Mesa is rather... unforgiving. You might want to play the map with the skill setting set to 1, since some of the missions can get a little merciless at times.


    Momma Mesa v39 Full (.ZIP) [HLRSE]
    Momma Mesa v39 Full (.ZIP) [FileFront]
    Momma Mesa v39 Full (.ZIP) [JPolito]

    Momma Mesa v39 Patch (.ZIP) [HLRSE]

    Momma Mesa v39 Patch (.ZIP) [FileFront]

    Despite that I'm not too big of a fan of updating maps due to incompatibility errors, if you encounter any sort of massive problem, let me know and I'll look into it. Server admins may want to check the .res file to ensure that it contains all the correct entries, since RJ's ResGenerator skipped a few files and I had to write some in manually.
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