i'm having difficulties getting my listenserver to show up in the server lists or being seen by friends.

works for hldedicated server (in steam tools tab) and the listen server created in HLDM Source both show up fine in the server list (dont know if ppl can join tho)

but svencoop 3 listenserver doesnt work, it doesnt let anyone join with direct ip either.

console commands given :
sv_region 0
sv_lan 0

i know what you're thinking, the firewall is blocking. it asked to unblock and i unblocked.

portforwarding is configured in my router (linksys wrt54gs) and it works fine on another computer (xpsp3) and on this one with other games (HLDMSource listen server & hldedicated server)

Does svencoop work on Vista, i never tried it before now?