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    Question Start new game crash

    Since I could not find a post regarding this issue, I'll make a new one.

    I have nothing in any kind of a errorlog file, or I can't find one anywhere.

    The problem is that when I start a server of my own (LAN or Worldwide) the game MIGHT load a map,
    and fail after that, or it just fails completely before you can enter a map.
    Sometimes I see an error regarding the text texture file for 1650_ resolution missing,
    but that error has been there ever since I started to play svenco-op,
    even if I had no 1650x???? resolution.

    The game doesnt crash very often when playing someone else's server,
    though the game just suddenly quits with no errors if it does.
    This happens after 1 minute- 4 hours, so not so disturbing problem usually.

    Any ideas to fix this? Tried to remove everything regarding Steam,
    so I have done alot and the error persist.

    To add in more info, I have some odd issue with having #GameUI_ prettymuch on everything that there should be visible
    (such as RandomMap, Options, Audio options etc.)
    Also, I'm runnin SC on Vista Home - which is crap anyway - yet the UI and crash problem have persisted on 6 different machines
    I ran SC with Windows XP plus the current one. An unknown bug maybe?
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    Re: Start new game crash

    Have you tried backing up your sven directory, then reinstalling the mod?

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