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    Client.dll error

    I have steam, halflife and cs installed on steam, updated and fully downloaded
    I installed SVEN COOP 3.0

    i choose this option and then

    it appers is that correct when I have steam ?

    and after this i install svencoop30_hlsp_update after finishing it i run the steam and try to start sven coop, and what happens is that error

    Fatal Error
    could not load library e:\program files\valve\steam\steamapps\xyz\half-life\svencoop\cl_dlls\client.dll

    :/ how I can run it ?

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    Re: Client.dll error

    open half_life one (run map)
    exit half_life one
    installe svencoop3

    To install the version of STEAM Sven Co-op, you will have to start at least once Half-Life before starting the installation of mod.
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