Thread: Major game freeze bug with snipers

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    Major game freeze bug with snipers

    Somehow I cannot find a "Bug Reports" forum section anywhere, therefore I have to post this bug here:

    There's a game freeze bug with black ops snipers that's hitting me fairly often. Every time one of them dies, there is a slight chance for a game freeze, and today when I was playing the map "vger" I got that freeze bug seven times in a row! And every time it was exactly when an enemy sniper died, with the current sound looping endlessly and the game not continuing but not exiting to windows either. I should note that this is SvenCoop version 3.0 on Windows XP, no mods or anything are installed, and it also occurs on other maps that contain snipers sometimes, like "zero" and certain HLSP maps. I always had to start over, only to get the crash again as soon as I killed a sniper (or even if a Shock Trooper or a Pit Drone managed to kill one). Several times the dropping rifle was in mid-air when everything froze solid.

    This bug is really annoying. I couldn't manage to beat vger today because it always froze, and with "skill" set to 3 it would be suicide to try and ignore the snipers (to prevent them from crashing the game with their death)! My suspicion is that something is wrong with those snipers, maybe the dropping of their rifle is considered "invalid" by the game if it lands on certain coordinates?

    Another thing that should be mentioned is a bug that also haunts standard Half-Life and most other HL mods: Tank turrets (like the ones in Surface Tension that automatically shoot at the player) will freeze the game if the player tries to walk directly on the turret, most probably because the game can't find any position that the turret can use to hit a player standing on it. And xen masters (aka alien controllers) will now and then randomly lock up the game on an open map, Interloper freezes every other time I try to get through.

    Also, I'm 99.99% sure that these are the causes for the freezes, because I get them again and again and always there are snipers, tank turrets or alien controllers around if it happens. Always!

    *edit* The reason why I find these bugs so annoying is simple: It's very hard to get out of the frozen screen with that annoying "ratta ratta ratta ratta" looping sound playing in the background. The sound makes it harder to concentrate on getting windows to show up again, and every other time the task bar doesn't even get visible, only the mouse cursor gets displayed and the screen still shows the frozen Half Life screen, so I have to guess where the buttons for "shut down" or "standby mode" are and hope to hit them with the mouse!
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    Re: Major game freeze bug with snipers

    yes, bug very bad

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    Re: Major game freeze bug with snipers

    ??? I have never seen this bug

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    Re: Major game freeze bug with snipers

    In my so many years of HL and Sven Co-op experience I have never experienced this bug.
    I am quite certain that something is set up terribly wrong on your Sven Co-op installation.
    I'd recommend to completely delete, then reinstall it.

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    Re: Major game freeze bug with snipers

    The only time I saw anything like this was when a sniper was positioned to close to a skybox but the screen didn't freeze SC would just crash back the SC menu screen. Like Silencer said do a complete delete and reinstall. Maybe even try getting the installer from a different source before reinstalling.

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