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    Want to post in here? READ THIS FIRST!

    To make bug reporting and my life easier, please read the following carefully.

    I think I found a bug!

    1. Make sure the bug has not been reported already. Use the search feature of the forum to find out.
    2. Make sure the bug is not a feature. Read the 4.6 Manual to find out.

    If you are sure you've found a new bug, please do the following.
    1. Put a clear description of the bug in the title of the thread.
    2. Describe the bug. What is the problem? When does it happen? Don't just post a screenshot and ask people how to fix it.
    3. Post your computer specifications. Which processor, which operating system, video and sound card, etc?
    4. Post detailed information; when did it crash, in which way did it crash, was there an error message?
    5. Almost every time Sven Coop will crash it will leave a .mdmp file in the root of the half-life or HLDS folder (Servers). Please attach this file. (../Steam/Steam-Apps/account/Half-Life)

    Thanks for reading!
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