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    [FAQ] Known Bugs And Possible Solutions [READ BEFORE POSTING!]

    Here's a list of the bugs people have encountered and (in some cases) their possible solutions/workarounds.

    I. Known bugs which need not be reported:
    Click on the discription to go to the thread where it was first reported.

    GeneralWeaponsMapsMonstersPlease read on below for more known bugs, for which we have possible solutions (mostly crash related). Please do not post these problems.

    The game manual may also have some useful information for you, especially for server administrators when configuring your server, and map authors when configuring your map settings.

    II. Known bugs and possible solutions/work-arounds:
    (note: these are not 100% guaranteed to fix your problems, use at your own discretion.)

    Q: I can't install Sven Co-op. crashes, errors, .DLL problems.

    A1: You probably lack the .NET component from Windows. You can get it here:

    A2: Google the DLL file you are missing and download it (make sure you check it for virusses). Then copy it into your Windows/System32 folder. Now go to START -> RUN and type: regsvr32 name.dll (where "name" is the name of the DLL). Press ok and the DLL will be registered with Windows.

    A3: If you're missing msvcr71.dll or msvcp71.dll you can download it here. Make sure you use the explanation above (A2) to install this properly:
    Sometimes you only need to place the two DLL's in your system32 folder and not run the regsvr32 tool. You will know if this is the case when regsvr32 claims there is no entry point within the DLL.

    A4: Your installer may be corrupted. See the next question for instructions on how to fix this.

    Q: How can I check if my installer is corrupted?

    The simplest way to check if your installer has become corrupted somehow is to calculate an MD5 hash of the file. Here is how:
    1. Download and install HashTab from
    2. Right-click your installer EXE file
    3. Select Properties, then select the File Hashes tab
    4. Wait for the calculations to be completed, then check the MD5 string given
      • Sven Co-op 4.0b1 installer should be 35F8868C244DE1E2C57DE0F97A8C0DFC
      • Sven Co-op 4.07 upgrade installer should be 9A42EE45FB4E8017F6AC1F291EC67CDE
      • Sven Co-op 4.5 installer should be 1F6C2521656467C1987769DEB928672A

    If your hashes do not match what we say they should be, then you have a corrupted installer and will need to download it again or repair it. Try out a different mirror, as perhaps one of the mirrors is hosting corrupted files. You should also inform us if you think a mirror us hosting corrupted files.

    You do not need to download the entire file again if it corrupted. See the next question to find out how you can quickly fix yours.

    Linux users can do the same with this command:
    md5sum /path/to/installer

    Q: How can I fix a corrupted installer without downloading the whole file again?

    You can use BitTorrent to repair a corrupt installer file. Here is how:
    1. Open the torrent file in your BitTorrent client (such as µTorrent or Azureus)
    2. Set the download location to the same location as your corrupted installer file

    BitTorrent will check the file entirely and determine what parts of it are corrupted. It can then download corrected parts to replace corrupted parts.

    Q: I can't join servers. cl: auto_soundlist.txt not found.

    A1: Switch your Steam interface language to English. Restart Steam and start Sven Co-op. Open the console (press ~ for USA keyboards or ` for UK keyboards) and enter:
    cl_allowdownload 1
    cl_allowupload 1
    The new sound engine needs the auto_soundlist.txt to function properly. It seems that Steam searches for different files as soon the interface language has been changed.

    A2: Create your own listen server first, then disconnect. After that you should be able to join any other server, but you'll have to redo these steps whenever you quit Sven Co-op entirely.

    A3: Make sure your PARENTAL FILTER (non-violence) is switched off.

    Q: When I join a server I go into an infinite reconnect loop.

    A1: A couple of things you can try, firstly, try creating a listen server on your computer then go and join the server you originally wanted to play on. You could also try another server.

    A2: Make sure you enter this in the console:
    cl_allowdownload 1
    cl_allowupload 1

    Edit: Also, your Steam language (in Steam Settings) must be set to English to avoid this, currently. We are working to resolve this issue.

    Q: Game hangs/crashes on "Parsing Game Info"

    A1: To into Options -> Video and change the mode to D3D or Software, select a lower resolution than your default and tag "Run in a window". Hit "Apply". Now join a game and go back into Options -> Video and change it back to OpenGL and your default resolution. Untag "Run in a Window" and hit "Apply".

    You only need to do this procedure once and you should be able to join all servers now. For some users it works the other way around. First to OpenGL, then back to D3D. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users may need to switch to Software mode first, then to your native mode/resolution.

    A2: Create your own listen server first, then disconnect. After that you should be able to join any other server, but you'll have to redo these steps whenever you quit Sven Co-op entirely.

    A3: Make sure Svencoop has been unblocked from the Windows Firewall. If Sven Co-op locks up, press ALT+TAB and look for the Windows Firewall dialog, and allow Sven Co-op to make connection to the Internet.

    Q: Host_Error: UserMsg: Not Present on Client ###

    A1: Make sure your router drivers are up to date. Especially Linksys routers seem to be vulnerable to this error. More info here: Steam Support

    A2: Right click on Sven Co-op in the Steam menu -> Properties -> Set Launch Options and remove -num_edicts 4096. Press OK. This might cause engine problems on certain maps though. Unsure if this will fix everyone's problems.

    A3: Add a custom client port to your Launch Options. +clientport 270XX (can range from 27005 to 27032, do not use 27020)

    A4: Server admins: use sv_timeout 22 in console.

    Q: The game crashes after a few seconds / sound card crashes / FMODEX.DLL error

    A1: Go to Options -> Sounds and disable the EAX support in the game. If you use software for EAX (like Creative ALchemy), remove Half-Life and Sven Co-op from the list.

    A2: Change your hardware acceleration for the sound card to a lower setting and try again. Windows Control Panel -> Sound.

    A3: Make sure your sound card drivers are up to date.

    A4: If you're using OpenGL, try turning on the Extension Limit (either globally or for HL.exe) within the nVidia Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings. For more info about fixing the FMODEX problem, check this thread.

    A5: Using an older version of FMOD might fix crashes on your system. Find your "fmodex.dll" in the Half-Life folder (e.g. /Steam/Steamapps/username/half-life/..) and rename it to "fmodex_backup.dll". Now download an older version HERE and place it in your Half-Life folder. If this doesn't work, don't forget to revert the changes and rename the backed-up "fmodex.dll" file.

    Q: Sven Co-op is really slow sometimes. I'm having bad FPS.

    A1: Go into Options -> Video and switch to Direct3D mode.
    The OpenGL seems to have problems with certain video cards whenever transparent objects are in the view.

    A2: Your processor can't handle the amount of particles the game is trying to produce. Lower the limit using the cl_max_particles setting. 600 is default, perhaps try 300 or 150. You could also use 0 to disable particles entirely.

    Q: Unknown HLTV client type

    A: In your config.cfg file, there should be a line that says setinfo "" "1", or something similar where there is nothing in between the quotation marks after the word setinfo. Remove the entire line. If that doesn't work, remove any setinfo lines in this configuration file. This is related to the GoldSrc protocol 48 update, nothing to do with Sven Co-op.

    Q: My METAMOD/ENTMOD/AMX/XPMOD Server has problems

    A: We currently do not support any server modifications. Please use the original server DLL only when you make a server. Modifications are a common cause problems and crashes.

    Q: Sven Co-op 4.0 doesn't work on WON!

    A: We no longer support WON. Get Steam to play Sven Co-op 4. Please do not report WON bugs, we will not reply to it. WON2 discussion will be locked instantly due to it being illegal.

    Q: The weapon model renders on top of the HUD, I can't see what ammo I have left.

    A: This is because gl_overbright is set to 1. Change it to 0.

    Q: Maps are unusually quiet / Ambient_generic entities which 'Start On' and loop no longer play.

    A: With the addition of the new sound engine, such sounds no longer play. Future updates to Sven Co-op will fix this issue. We'll have the ambience working again as soon as possible.

    Q: The water splashes and sprites are black!

    A: You are using the Direct3D or Software rendering mode. This is not fully supported in Sven Co-op. Use OpenGL and they will be rendered fine. Alternatively if you really must use Direct3D, you could set cl_max_particles to 0 so you won't see particles at all.

    Q: I have cursor acceleration problems while using the ingame menu's!

    A: Add the following to the launch options (right click Sven co-op in Steam > Properties > Set launch options) -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noforcemspd

    Q: I donated in the past, but I dont have the donators features!

    A1: Make sure you've donated in before the release of 4.0 beta 1. If you donated after the release, you have to wait until the next update to get your donor features. This is because all donor steam ID's are hard-coded into the server DLL. Yes, we are looking into a remote way of updating this in the future (HTTP/SQL based).

    A2: If you've donated before the release, please contact Sven Viking with proof of your donation and we'll see what we can do for you.

    Q: Tor / Stukabats / Bodyguards / Any other new entities are missing or will not spawn in-game.

    A: The server you are playing on has regular Metamod installed. The server should be using Metamod-P instead (or no server mods at all). The regular Metamod doesn't have the new entities for Sven Co-op 4.

    Q: The map isn't changing at the end of certain Half-Life single player maps (notably the elevator in c1a1c, airlock in c1a4b, and behind the blast doors in c2a2h).

    A: All players must be at the end of the map / within the area of the change level block for the map to properly change.

    Q: Server command maps * doesn't show any maps.

    A: This is because your mod folder has capital letters in it's name. svencoop will work, SvenCoop will not.

    Q: I can't join any server, I get a message about or being missing.

    A: Somehow you have deleted all the event scripts from your game. Download this file and extract them into your svencoop folder.

    Q: My game still crashes, disconnects, etc, despite the fixes you've mentioned here.

    A1: Make sure you are joining a server without any modifications (Metamod, AMX Mod, Entmod, XPmod, etc).
    Many server modifications are not yet 100% compatible with Sven Co-op 4.0 and it can lead to the crashes you are experiencing.

    A2: If everything fails, you can only wait for the update we are currently working on, which will hopefully fix most problems. Be patient.
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