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    avp feedback thread

    Thread for feedback on Trempler's avp map.

    -- Bugs --

    1. The hole in the ground most of us noticed.

    2. There is an invisible truck model on top of the red base. I know it has to be a truck because the monsterinfo hud text said so.

    3. The glow on a player to indicate fuel status does not reset on death or something.

    4. Flying doors, though I did not witness it myself. Code issue.

    5. Getting stuck on elevators. Code issue.

    -- Graphics --

    1. There is a model for small crystals which has normal mapping or something to glisten when standing parallel to a side. Think the models of the bigger ones could use this effect as well?

    2. The map became brighter, which is good. However, I think it now is a little too bright on topside.

    -- Gameplay --

    1. It is chaotic as hell, which is sometimes fun, othertimes frustrating. You have a sequence in the map where players have to literally do whatever, yet people ask what to actually do. It is unclear at times what needs to happen for the game to carry on. Are we playing on time or waiting for a number of monster takedowns? Are we waiting for the generators to have certain fill level? Do we have to find certain items? etc.

    2. Spawning in red base when it is out of power is a pain in the ass in the stage where you have to get to the bunker. There are dozens of aliens swarming around and you can't really catch up.

    3. There was one cave with A LOT of aliens in it, but only 2 very narrow hallways connecting to it. This is terrible for more than 2 players to play through.

    4. Camera sequences. These should only ever happen if the player currently has no way to be in an encounter with any sort of threat. I don't know how you designed this, but if a generator is under attack you should rather play an alarm sound, and output red hud messages which indicate the durability of the thing going down.

    5. Defending red base is a chore. You cannot really stand on the walls and shoot at aliens because they are in a nook in front of the gates, attacking them.

    -- Navigation --

    1. The map's complexity and height variance are what makes it feel so huge. It can take long time and much effort to get from A to B and you should build upon that more rather than encouraging so much freeroaming and teleporting. The generators all having a sort of dynamic fuel status and countdown is just a gimmick. Players lose track of the fill states and while in the underground mission they are forgotten and neglected entirely.

    2. I feel that falling from the cliffs should bring you certain death. Going down with little harm by landing on the large crystals in between falls feels like a bad exploit. Using this eploit also prevents people from learning the right way down.

    3. I would not have found the underground access by myself. Never.

    -- Final words --

    This map has great potential, still, but it struggles so much to differ between stress and relief. There is no consistent feeling of working towards a certain goal. The goal changes all the time and is only told through hud messages which most people do not notice. I'd like to see a more gameplay-focused narrative. For example, in a previous version players would see large aliens only when and after having opened a certain gate. Opening that gate thus was a clear indicator for progression towards the next challenge. In this version this has changed. I saw large aliens before the gate was opened, and the eerie "silence before the storm" kind of atmosphere was gone.

    Another thing is the bases and the generators therein. We struggle to find fuel to fill up green and yellow base generators, just to abandon them and get new spawn points in red base. There is hardly any need to go back to the other two except for refilling the generators for the heck of it and I as a player don't see the meaning of it all. Maybe there could be a reward for getting all three running. Or maybe they should just not run out - just require a few more fills to start them in the first place.
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    Re: avp feedback thread

    The base soil (bright green) of those crystals in pic2, is floating over the darker soil.

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    Re: avp feedback thread

    It just looks to me that he just put one model over the other offset by 1 unit up and 1 unit over, then rendered that second model nearly transparent and glowing. Used to do it in entmod all the time for effects, but the offset isn't actually necessary since you're not actually using the texture of the 'effects' model.

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