Thread: Tip & tricks for orginal sphere and in-sphere?

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    Thumbs up Tip & tricks for orginal sphere and in-sphere?

    Hello dear peoples,

    i want tell you becasue you have problem with land of Legends I have been fixed for nice heavy mapping process ...

    Look like this my same picture for example.

    Please make sure with 3 x for own cube = 6 triangular pyramides!

    It is very better than you did build your map for example ramp for CS and Sven-Coop and planets or like you want build..

    Yeah it works no problem xD

    Yeah it has not error message like invaild structure and more.. Yeah I can hack it for sphere like nice example for planets or nuclear-crashed planets

    For Example Skate Boarding or HL-Rally?

    And for example like this planets or sun system or Invasion of moon xeno by pluto etc....

    How do you build real (in) sphere?

    1. Create Arch tool:
    Wall Width: if you want 8 or 16
    Number of sides: 4 or 6 or 8. I will recommand with 4 because it is easy. If you wnat 8 than you make heavy time.

    2. Copy and Crtl+M Rotate: Y: 90

    3. copied block by 2. and rotate to Z: 270

    4. Create normal block

    5. a. Click 3 time into completed clipping tool like diagonial
    b. side like diagonal
    c. front too
    NOTE: Don't forget for your clipping process!
    Look like my work

    6. Group it because you don't like hang for problems

    7. copy 12 x 3-clippabled-groupped block

    Than you can use sure with Vertex Tool.

    If you need help lines? No problem you create only arch tool Wall of Width more than 64 and number of sides like you created arch curve-blocks also 4.

    8. Make sure all 12 blocks complety!

    9. create block and vertex move to next vertex point Picture A, and clip 2 x again! Picture B.

    9. Copy 4 x this and make again with vertex tool

    Don't make mesh! If you get error of Problem information like Alt+P If you see like my screenshot Picture 4.

    How does it take time? Same over than 1 1/2 hours!

    Because level design must need nice way and nice result

    Updated you want know my nice howto ? I am sorry. i have been wrote in German Language. It is possible because you know - YOu see my a lot of pictures. Than you can make nice hollowed sphere

    Have fun for result and fix problem
    Big thanks by SnakeMedia
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    Re: Tip & tricks for orginal sphere and in-sphere?

    fix images please

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    Re: Tip & tricks for orginal sphere and in-sphere?

    This question was posted 4 years ago, so I doubt he still needs help for it. *closed

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