Thread: Increase default 8kB/S server upload limit?

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    Increase default 8kB/S server upload limit?

    Everyone knows you have to run a webserver of some description in parallel with HLDS in order to successfully host custom content.

    Am I right in thinking the 8kB/S upload throttle was set in the olden days of slow Internet connections? If so, would it be possible to increase this limitation now, and maybe avoid the considerable overhead of installing a separate file server to do what the game server should be able to do itself..?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Increase default 8kB/S server upload limit?

    I guess the limit can be raised, I mean why not (maybe due to crappy implementaton of this). Though the files will get compressed which costs cpu power with sv_filetransfercompression 1. But then again if you can set up a svends server you should be able to set up a basic lighttpd server on some random port serving only the svenccop_addon folder and setting sv_downloadurl in less than 3 minutes.

    Though indeed it would be nice to have a fast download method without having to set up anything besides svends.

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