While youíre all waiting for the contest maps to be finalised and hopefully enjoying the unexpected release of Land of Legends, weíve decided to bring you another Christmas surprise. Can you guess what it is? Well you donít need to, as I will reveal it in the following paragraph:

The project was originally started in December 2002, and it might even be argued that the project is older than that. Long-gone forum poster OmEgA came up with the idea of a joint mapping project, where multiple mappers would collaborate in the creation of one large mappack. The project quickly gained interest from a lot of people, and it ended up involving a total of 15 different mappers, 8 of which have had previous maps included in official SC releases. Work on the mappack, dubbed the Community Map Project, fluctuated, with periods of low and high progress, and the project was frequently declared to be dead, only to later be revived.

Well, itís done now. These 7 high quality maps will take the players through an epic ride of interesting environments and exhilarating gameplay experiences. Enjoy

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