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    CryoKeen's Helpful Mapping Tips for Begginers and Experts

    Hello. I am going to be making a thread, and, hopefully, update it every couple of days or when I get an idea. Some people might be mapping without knowing a lot of helpful things, which I hope to easily point out. You are also welcome to ask me any questions weather you are an expert or a begginer and I will try to help. I will not be able to do one on one teaching of mapping at this time, but I hope in the next few weeks to create some basic youtube tutorials to make anyone learning hopefully leap bounds ahead and faster then I learned to map. If any of you like the tips, please say so and you are also free to add your own if you wish. Try to keep them precise and to the point with images to help describe things.

    Lesson 1: Group Vertex Manipulation

    Step 1: Make sure this button is pressed in.

    Lesson 2: Using Alt-Right Click to have seamless textures around corners

    Step 1: So you want this texture on the right to be seamless across this wall because right clicking with your mouse the right texture and then the middle texture with left click doesn't align it right?

    Step 2: Clicking World or Face can sometimes help, but just like right clicking it can sometimes still mess up, and if you don't know this tip can cause you to try to fix the texture manually with the up and down Shift arrows. This is tedious and sometimes unnecessary.

    Step 3: After left clicking the right texture, hold down [Left Alt] on your keyboard and, right click the new face in the middle of this architecture.

    Step 4: This also of course works with 90° and most all corners as well. Experiment around!

    The only negative side of doing this is that sometimes the Shift value can be in the thousands and hit a max number, at that point manually editing the Shift values can not work properly until you reset it to a lower number.
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