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My map is colossal, about as big as they get. It's a series of floating snowy islands, in seven separate areas. In Hammer the current WIP version looks like this. Almost all floating islands are func_detail, by the way, just to clarify the large amount of pink in that screenshot
I'm using vluzacn's ±16384 unit gridhack so it may seem that the map could be bigger, but everything I built thusfar is very, very close to the ±4096 unit boundaries.
I've done some optimization with CLIP brushes, as you can see in that pic. I have yet to optimize more, though.

Basically the most detailed part of the map (which is, fortunately, already finished and therefore won't be eating more clipnodes) is a massive tower (click) on one of the floating islands.

For the rest, the map mostly looks like this and this.

This map is actually an updated version of an older map I made. Most of what I have yet to do is entity work, but in terms of clipnode-eating additions I still have ahead of me:
  • A large bridge on three floating islands (pic of old version here, without floating islands)
  • Some ruins here and there to spice things up (pic of old version here, pre-really-snowy version)
  • Monsterclips in a lot of locations to prevent monsters from falling off the islands

The bridge will eat up lots of clipnodes. I'm not really concerned about the monsterclips and the ruins (and foliage) here and there. Still though, it's a pretty ambitious project and I'll probably be pushing against the clipnode limit once I'm done.

Edit: I just compiled the bridge section (only) of the old version of this map, and it only eats up 2154 clipnodes ('simple' cliptype + clipnode economy mode), or 6.6% of the limit. I'm actually optimistic now!
Cover the unreachable bottom part of the island with CLIP should help.
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