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    The latest update is Vluzacn's ZHLT v34 released on 2015/8/17.

    v34 Details:
    v34 Download:

    Details of previous updates:


    Vluzacn's Map Compile Tools (also: Vluzacn's Half-Life Tools or Vluzacn's ZHLT) is a set of map compile tools for Goldsrc (Half-Life 1) engine.

    It is derived from ZHLT 3.4 and massive amount of modification have been made during its development.


    Since it is modified from ZHLT 3.4, the previously most widely used and most stable map compile tools, most of the features of ZHLT 3.4 have been inherited. They are described in .

    The changes in these tools mainly focus on eliminating program bugs, optimizing the final .bsp file, improving lighting quality, supporting larger maps and unusual maps and simplifying the compile process.

    All changes are described inside the links for each update of Vluzacn's Map Compile Tools on this page.
    Despite the changes mentioned in each update, the overall speed of the tools is roughly the same as ZHLT 3.4 or a little slower. However, because many problems have been solved and the entity func_detail has been introduced to reduce VIS time, the map compile time can be effectively controlled, while ZHLT 3.4 sometimes gets stuck on unusual maps like maps with large open space or complex opaque entities.

    I'm actively maintaining the tools, so any bug report or suggestion will be relied in time.


    Steps for installation are described in "readme.txt".

    The usage of compiler specific entities, textures and command line options can be found at ZHLT website and those links on this page. But be careful some information there might be unreliable, so please do experiments before using any of them.

    Although most command line parameters are not necessary for final compile, there are some exceptions:
    "-extra" for hlrad;
    "-wadinclude #" or "-nowadtextures" for hlcsg, if you have used custom textures and don't intend to release the wad along with your map.

    Technical Details

    The source code is provided in "" and all modifications made by me can be found by searching "vluzacn".

    I'd also like to thank the people who have contributed to the original ZHLT for their efforts and who have given me feedback and advice on the tools for their ideas.
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