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    Question Server protocol not-updated?

    Hi I'm trying to host a sven coop server for my friends and I to play on, and since listen servers are really a pain in the arse, I wanted to get a dedicated hosted. Everything is all good and dandy till this happens when they try to join

    This server is using an older protocol ( 46 ) than your client ( 48 ).

    I try to update using

    hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game svencoop -dir c:\svencoopserver\svencoop

    And then it lists all the games I can use but it doesn't show sven coop, I just got the lasted updater from

    Edit: It also says

    "No auth servers parsed
    Disabling Valve Authentication.
    No masters loaded
    Using default master"

    Can someone give me a hand please?

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    Re: Server protocol not-updated?

    Like you need Half-Life to install SC, you need HL for HLDS. Use -game valve instead, then install SC.
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    Re: Server protocol not-updated?

    "-game svencoop" will never work because it isn't on Valve's content servers. Also add option "-verify_all" to ensure your current HLDS files are current.

    Finally, download the archive (RAR file) version of Sven Co-op 4.5 for your server, as you can simply extract it, do some config, and you're away.
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    Re: Server protocol not-updated?

    Thanks puchi, updating -game valve worked. Thanks for all the help!

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