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    Lightbulb How to run Sven Co-op Dedicated server on Linux !

    Hi all,
    so here is my short guide:

    How to run Sven Co-op server on Linux with WINE (tested on Debian Lenny over SSH):

    1. LINUX: First download and install these packages on linux: wine_1.1.42+ and winbind(not sure if it is really needed)
    (it won't work with older version of wine)

    2. WIN: You need do these actions in Windows:
    > first install svencoop somewhere in your PC
    > install svencoop patch (e.g.: 4.07)
    > download and install HldsUpdateTool

    3. LINUX: Create a directory on your server (for example HLDS).

    4. WIN: Copy executable of installed HldsUpdateTool where did you install hldsupdatetool (HldsUpdateTool.exe) into your HLDS directory on server.

    5. LINUX: Run on server command to download necessary HL files:
    wine hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game valve -dir .
    6. WIN: Copy all "svencoop" directory to HLDS directory on server.

    7. LINUX: To RUN Sven Coop server:
    > in terminal locate to your HLDS directory, for example: cd hlds
    > execute this command:
    wine hlds -console -game svencoop +map svencoop1 +maxplayers 15 -num_edicts 4096
    (you will not see hlds console output, don't use winconsole - it crashs hlds on many maps)

    Metamod, AMX Mod X, HookMod, EntMod works 100%!
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