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    Do not post any bugs or complaints if your server is running Metamod.

    Firstly: Stop using the original Metamod. I've seen the same complaints happening over and over about apparent broken maps. It turns out each time to be the same cause, and surprise surprise it is nothing to do with our game or its' content.

    Please remember that the original Metamod found at and bundled with some plug-ins (such as AMXX) relies on a hard-coded entity list for every mod it wants to be compatible with. Metamod does not know about any new entities in Sven Co-op since version 4.0b1. This means that any new entities, such as "monster_bodyguard", "monster_tor", "weapon_sporelauncher", and "trigger_condition", will not be present in game.

    Such symptoms will be obvious on maps like "sectore_3" and "polar_rescue" where new monsters play a vital role in the flow of the maps. You can try spawning some of the new monsters like Tor, Stukabat, and Bodyguards on "stadium4" for a quick test.

    Example symptoms include:

    • sectore_3: The last chain fence at the bottom of the (rectangular) spiral will not break, because Tor (monster_tor) does not spawn to die
    • polar_rescue: The jail cell key can't be accessed from the office, because the gang boss (monster_bodyguard) does not spawn to die
    • polar_rescue: The hostages can't be rescued, because trigger_condition isn't present to check they are in the safe zone (radio room)
    • Any map: The spore launcher, spore plant, and shock rifle are missing, including picking one up from dead Shock Troopers

    You typically need to use Metamod-P from to workaround that issue. Use command meta version in your server console (or RCON) to check which version of Metamod you are running.

    That being said you still need to understand that both Metamod and Metamod-P are not our products. They are 3rd party modifications developed by other people with no affiliation to Sven Co-op, and are designed to work with a range of games that use the Half-Life engine (GoldSrc). We do not, and can not, support it any 3rd party modification of this kind directly. Any issues caused by Metamod or its derivatives need to be filed with those teams first.

    Why can't we? Let's use an analogy. You buy a splendid Android based phone from Samsung, but you've noticed your phone is crashing. You are sure that the fault is with Android, but how can you know what Samsung have changed in the build of Android shipped with their phone? You can't. You would have to get support from Samsung, not the Android team. The same would apply for any apps you install on your phone, such as Snapchat. Any issues in Snapchat would have to be raised with Snap Inc. no matter how sure you think the issue lies at Samsung or Android's feet.

    Always disable all 3rd party modifications and test them again before reporting an issue here. If your issue goes away without modifications then it should not be posted here.

    Thanks for understanding.
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