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    [Pack] Low-Def models and sounds for Sven Co-op 4.8

    UPDATED 2/22/12

    Due to popular demand. Final version will be uploaded to files page. Transferred SC2.1/3.0 models and sounds to be compatible with 4.6.

    The 4.5 and 4.6 Low-Def models update was created by Tuesday's Avenger and the orignal 4.07 patch was created by WAR_Nuker.

    Side note: This patch may not increase fps, which really isn't the goal here anyways. If you are on an older system, your fps issues may be due to the particle engine. Set cl_particles_max to 0 in the console to turn off the particle engine. I prefer to set it to 5 to preserve some of the muzzleflashes.

    Please report any bugs to either WAR_Nuker or Tuesday's Avenger.

    Old thread for 4.07:

    Additional notes:
    Just remember: set "cl_drawshadows 1" and LOCK AND LOAD!
    - tu3s

    9/7/10 - First Low-Def patches for 4.5 uploaded
    9/7/10 - Update Alien Grunt animations so that they may use the new Snark Grenade
    9/7/10 - Fixed an oversight from the original pack and included a Low-Def Cleansuit Scientist using the original HL scis
    9/7/10 - Updated the Houndeye's sonic attack speed to be consistant with the new 4.5 version
    9/7/10 - Added LD HEV arms to the Spore Launcher's viewmodel.
    // As a side note, the rest of the Spore Launcher's models were left in their original LD form from OpFor and did not need to be altered. The same goes for the Shock Rifle/Shockroach.
    9/7/10 - Matched a correction made in the HD 4.5 models for the Barney and Soldier zombies by giving them proper hitbox assignments. Previously these enemies had "0" for all hitboxes, meaning hits on any part of the monster were all equivalent.
    9/7/10 - Compiled the LD worldmodels into w_svencoop_pickup.mdl to comply with 4.5's merged pickup submodel system.
    9/7/10 - Copied 4.5's Snark Nest (already a tweaked version of the original LD model) so that it would "walk" and chase targets at the proper speed.
    9/23/10 - Fixed rgrunt bodygroups.
    9/23/10 - Fixed 9mmhandgun reload speed.
    9/23/10 - New m16 using official HD 9mmar model by Valve.
    9/23/10 - UVW fixes.
    9/23/10 - Added LD replacement for opfor knife.
    12/24/10 - Updated HD sound backup for new 4.5 sounds.
    2/22/12 - Cleansuit sci heads are now all LD.
    2/22/12 - Slight cleansuit sci reskins to reflect eerie lighting present on original OpFor face texture.
    2/22/12 - Slight animation fixes for bodyguard.
    2/22/12 - New standard LD mp5, shotgun, m16, and minigun p_ models.
    2/22/12 - New standard LD mp5, shotgun, m16, and minigun w_ models.
    2/22/12 - New LD mp5 view model.
    2/22/12 - New LD minigun view model.
    2/22/12 - Bodyguard now uses new standard LD mp5, shotgun, and minigun.
    2/22/12 - Hgrunt now uses new standard LD mp5, shotgun, and m16.
    2/22/12 - Hgrunt (OpFor) now uses new standard LD mp5 and m16.
    2/22/12 - Massn now uses new standard LD mp5 and m16.
    2/22/12 - Robogrunt now uses new standard LD shotgun and m16.
    2/22/12 - Added 4.6 model updates to HD pack.
    2/22/12 - Added HD headcrab to HD pack.
    2/22/12 - Removed opfor v_knife from LD pack.

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