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Reload animations have issues. MP5's reload animation doesn't even happen. Two different ways to replicate animation glitches with some of the other weapons:

1) Hold primary fire down and just press reload key every second
2) Press reload and hold down fire (to get it to shoot as soon as it is fully reloaded)

I noticed that for at least one weapon.. I can't remember which now.. the reload in v4.5 seems to be faster than before (and the old animation is too slow).

EDIT: Hornetgun's firing sound doesn't seem to work 95%+ of the time. I managed to hear it play once or twice, but for the most part it doesn't play?
- The missing reload animation appears to be a 4.5 issue, not an LD pack issue - I was able to recreate it using both the LD and the default models, playing on both my own listenservers and online dedicated servers.

- The Glock needs to have its reload animation sped up slightly.