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    Sector E Series

    Sectore_1 - Sectore_2 - Sectore_3

    I made a map called Sector E about 10 years ago in 2000. It was just an elevator shaft, some vents, some monsters, and some very basic architecture. Play through maybe 5 minutes. The map has grown considerably since then. I worked on lots of different half-life and svencoop maps over the years, so I got a lot of my unfinished "blackmesa/lab" parts together and made the begging of a map series .

    Sectore_1, Sectore_2 and Sectore3 are included with Sven Co-op 4.5

    Please, post any bugs you have seen, comments about the maps good or bad, or any suggestions you have for future maps in the series!

    A lot of people helped make it, Sven putting up with my complete noobishness and annoying pestering Mad Jonsey was cool.. Ah Malek.. Memory lane :'(

    Some important people and friends that inspired me earlier in my mapping carrier to continue mapping: Sven Viking, Xirex, Turrican, Kain, ICU, crashman, Sci, kune, Slidje, CKDead and all the rest of the gang. They all helped sectore throughout it's development and incarnations over the years. I am very grateful for the times we had playing maps and all having fun. Since those early day's time's have changed, graphics engines are super-epic now, and people change.

    I've put a lot of work into this and thought a lot about how it's important to me. I sometimes wish I could go back to those naive days, I was not always mature and I realize that I've not always been nice to everybody, I'm trying to take more responsibility now for my own actions and how I react to other people. I think everyone should learn some skills (mapping music kodiskat baseball golftuba)and then you gain confidence!

    See sectore_credits.txt for full credits for models and songs used in the map
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