Ok this is my first Tutorial and it explain how you create better looking Lamps with a cool Glow effect.
Ok i explain now Step by Step.:

Create a normal Lamp:

Created out of 5 brushes. Looking Ok so far.

Adding some extra stuff:

Here i use extra brush with a { texture.
Select now all 6 Brushes and create a func_illusionary.
Set Render Mode to Solid and,
FX Ammount to 255.
Easy or ? You could use a Glas texture too.

Do you hear it ?:

Hell yeah, now lets add a ambient_generic, for a cool neon lamp sound.
(You need to find a fitting sound or maybe i add here the file i used later)
Settings for the ambient_generic are:
Volume : 5
Play Mode : Loop
And Flag,
Small Radius.


Spot on!:

Ok now we add a light_spot,
settings are:
Pitch Yaw Roll : 90 0 0
Inner (bright) angle : 10
Outer (fading) angle : 35
Pitch : -90
Brightness : 243 153 92 450
Appearance : Flicker B


No we add env_sprites to the lamp to simulate a glow/shine effect,
I use 7 env_sprites for my lamp.
settings are:
Render Mode : Glow
FX Amount : 255
FX Color : 243 153 92
Scale : 1.25
Start on.

Nearly done!

Now add a Clipbrush to the lamp to save clipnodes and it is easier to copy paste.

Open your Lights.rad and create Texture light too for your lamp.
like this:
~lampa 250 206 201 50

Compile your map and test it out. I use these settings to compile:

hlcsgv2.exe testmap -texdata 8192 -cliptype precise -estimate -chart -nowadtextures
hlbspv2.exe testmap -texdata 8192 -estimate -chart
hlvisv2.exe testmap -texdata 8192 -estimate -chart -full
hlradv2.exe testmap -texdata 8192 -estimate -chart -bounce 1 -extra -sparse -dscale 1 -gamma 0.88

9. Test the Bsp

This is how it looks ingame:

I hope you liked it

The settings i use are for a dark/horror like map you can change them as you like.