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    Update: have very kindly provided us with a dev server! Many thanks to everyone who offered to help!!

    For the last few years, Trinity Gaming have very kindly provided us with Sven Co-op development servers free of charge. Many thanks to them, and particularly Dave, for all their help!! Due to recent changes of circumstances, however, we unfortunately need to find new hosting within the next few days.

    We've been looking at some plans in the $65/month range, but that may be outside our budget in the long term. I'm just posting this in case anyone can offer us any suggestions or help. This server would run four large Subversion repositories (several GB in total), a bug tracker, and preferably a couple of private game servers for testing. We don't mind paying something, but our funds are somewhat limited.

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    Re: Hosting issues

    I do still have our old Sven Coop Server. We used to host 32 players on this monster.
    I am willing to handel it over to you. I do not know if it is suitable for your needs.

    Intel Pentium 4 Hyper-Threading 3,4 GHz
    4 GB DDR2
    80 GB of space

    We used to run Windows 2000 Server... We daren't hope for it anymore.
    Feel free to give me a ring anytime. What's on your mind?

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