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    Gamefront closing

    So heads up gamefront is shutting down soon, but it does seem that there are archival/backups available:

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    Re: Gamefront closing

    GameFront already died, Their download server's aren't working. Last time i remember used GameFront to download a file, it was like 4-5 years ago.

    But anyway gonna miss that site, it's sad to say goodbye another to nostalgia

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    Re: Gamefront closing

    This happened in 2009 when it was called FileFront, except I think they changed their mind last minute and became GameFront. After deleting all their mirrors off SCMapDB I didn't trust them enough to re-add any. With the gradual consolidation of most custom content publishing moving to integrated platforms (aka Steam/various appstores), death of external file sites seems to be a natural evolution.

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    Re: Gamefront closing

    I'm not surprised, GameFront shot themselves in both feet back when they banned half the world from downloading from the site. They got what they asked for.

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